Improve your social life by learning to play the guitar

5 Ways Your Social Life Will Improve By Learning To Play The Guitar

Playing the guitar has huge social benefits.

Don't believe me? Read on

Jam Time

If your social life is lacking then turning up at a jam night is the perfect antidote. You'll find yourself in a room full of like-minded people who will become instant friends. Nothing brings people together like music so a room full of strangers instantly become buddies.

Form A Band

Forming a band takes things a step further. If you find the right people you become more than just friends, you become family. Connecting with people on a musical level develops a deep bond. Doing this with the same people over and over creates a personal connection in the same way falling in love does. You share emotions, ideas and experiences with your bandmates on a level you'll rarely experience with anyone else in your life.

Go on to play gigs and you are no longer just 'John. You become 'John, the guitarist from.....'. Anyone who sees you play will see you in a totally different way when you get up on stage. Start talking to people after you've played and you'll find you a treated in a totally different way to the way you are in your normal life.

Did I mention I'm A Guitarist?

Ever struggled to find something to talk about? We've all been there when a conversation goes flat. Casually slip in that you're a guitarist and it'll instantly get things going again. Musicians are everywhere so you might find a shared passion, but even non-musicians find it interesting. They always want to know more.

Benefits With Friends

Being a guitarist can also work wonders within your current social circle. Pull out a guitar at any gathering and it will instantly bring people together. Nobody can resist a sing-a-long. And as the one responsible for it everyone starts to see you in a different light. Your social standing immediately goes up.

Get a date with a guitar

Get A Date

As an added benefit, it also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. I kid you not, scientific research has been conducted into the subject and it's been found to be true.

If you're on a dating site, try switching your profile photo for one of you playing or even holding a guitar. You'll see a jump in the number of people messaging you.

Guitars are sexy instruments anyway but both men and women are attracted to creative and emotional people. They are extremely attractive qualities to have. Playing the guitar also takes discipline, attention to detail, commitment and some physical ability. These are all qualities we're hardwired to seek in a mate.

So there you go, instant sex appeal. Just make sure you can back it up by being able to play!