Album Release: Danny Muth - Weird Flex

Album Release: Danny Muth – Weird Flex

Danny Muth’s new release “Weird Flex” is an album of instrumental, progressive, experimental, and fingerstyle music that aims to redirect rock guitar and infuse it with elements of free jazz improvisation, post-punk rhythms, and a variety of sonic voices.

The album’s aural vision was inspired by the growing community of experimental jazz and avant-garde rock guitarists (Mike Baggetta, Nick Millevoi, Ava Mendoza, Anthony Pirog, and others), and its overall composition evokes Muth’s experience in various indie, dance, and psychedelic groups.  

On the heels of his 2020 self-titled album (labeled “dissonant…hypnotic…epic… dynamic…versatile” by Divide and Conquer), “Weird Flex” defies typical electric guitar tropes. Although laden with oversized riffs and accessible licks, the album eschews excessive technically preposterous shredding in favor of the unexpected, a nod to Muth’s penchant for fusing free-jazz values into rock foundations. The title track is a near-atonal motif that builds from a simple clean tone into a noisy cacophony of feedback and  vintage effect pedals, notably a boutique ring modulator. “Rub Some Dirt On It” is a more straightforward riff-based piece inspired by avant rock players like Vernon Reid and Chris Haskett. The third track, “Descensus ad Inferos,” showcases Muth’s finger-style ability in an alternate tuning derived from Hawai’ian slack key, augmented with spacey and surfy overdubs. “Green After Green,” is an edgy, angular instrumental reimagining of an older tune originally written for and performed by one of Muth’s earlier Sacramento-area bands, Del Mundo. It’s a short, fast ride down a six-string autobahn to a motorik beat.The final three tracks are unorthodox instrumentals arranged like jazz compositions (head, solo, head) with off-kilter melodies serving as delivery devices for fuzzed-out lead guitar warheads.

The album reflects Muth’s philosophy that rock guitar music must be adventurous, raw, and improvised. 

All instruments- 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars, baritone electric guitar, bass, and drum programming- were performed by Danny Muth. 

“Weird Flex” is scheduled for release on August 24th.

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