Aspherium The Embers of Eternity Review

Album Review: Aspherium – The Embers of Eternity

Norwegian progressive death metal band Aspherium are back with their third album, The Embers of Eternity. Melodic, brutal, expansive, catchy and epic are all words I could use to describe this album. What we have with The Embers of Eternity is an ambitious concept album put together by a band who clearly knew what they wanted to achieve and had the talent to do it.

Mixing together a wide range of metal styles is never easy but The Embers of Eternity brings together elements of death metal, thrash, folk and black metal with ease, then adds in some incredibly catchy choruses along with some technical prog. It could have easily turned into a disjointed mess but instead becomes a wonderful journey where you never know what is coming next.

Album Review Aspherium ‘The Embers of Eternity’

I don’t know who played which parts but Marius Skarsem Pedersen and Morten Ranger Nielsen prove to be a strong guitar team. The album is full of crushing riffs, melodic lead lines and blistering solos. Marius also puts in an impressive performance throughout the album with his vocals, ranging from the most brutal of growls to guttural screams and clean parts. This strong mix of different vocal styles really helps to keep the album interesting and adds to the impressive dynamics throughout.

Album Review Aspherium ‘The Embers of Eternity’

Star of the show for me is the opening track, The Embers of Eternity. It lays the foundations for the rest of the album perfectly by giving listeners a glimpse into all the things they can expect to hear. If you like this song, you’re going to love the rest of the album. It clocks in at almost 9 minutes but, thanks to the constant changes, never feels like it’s dragging. This is the approach used throughout the album. Constant movement, changing dynamics, moments of rest sitting right next to frenzy, and yet they’ve managed to keep the whole thing sounding tight and cohesive. It’s an impressive feat!

Rating 9/10

Track Listing
1. The Embers of Eternity
2. As We Walk Through the Ashes
3. The Fallen Monument
4. A Voice for the Silenced
5. The Shadows of Creation
6. Echoes of a Lost World
7. The Beckoning Spire
8. Beneath the Shattered Sky
9. Until the Embers Fade

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Aspherium - The Embers of Eternity