Graves Of The Innocent Album Review

Album Review: Graves Of The Innocent – We Are Better Than This

Graves Of The Innocent is the brainchild of Pat Garrett, an independent musician from Ohio. Mixing rock, metal and electronic music is never an easy task but it’s one Pat does remarkably well on We Are Better Than This. Influenced strongly by what he thinks is wrong with the world today, this is a collection of music with meaning. To get the full story it’s best to head over to the Gaves Of The Innocent YouTube channel HERE to watch the videos which accompany the tracks.

A guitar based instrumental album is always tough to make as they very often descend into a widdle-fest. Not here though. Pat is certainly a capable player but he’s also one who knows how to use emotion and melody to strengthen his music instead of mindlessly shredding. We are treated to many brutal and catchy riffs along with beautifully phrased lead guitar lines.

Meathead is a real standout track. The riff kicking in at 45 seconds is thick and meaty (no pun intended) and it’s followed up by more chunky riffing before things ease off and become far more chilled. This allows space for some of the best lead work on the album. The way it flows is really impressive and not an easy task to create.

Elsewhere on the album, things get much more electronic based. At times, this can feel like it clashes a little with the rest of the hard rocking album, but then the heavy riffs kick in again and seem heavier because of the contrast. Personally, I think it works but I can see some people being put off by the electronic elements.

The bulk of the album is made up of chunky riffs and soaring lead work. Pat’s playing always very fitting for each track and it never feels like he’s using the music as a way to show off his undoubted skills. It’s refreshing to hear an instrumental album put together like this and something certain other instrumental guitarists should take note of.

One thing worth mentioning is how this album was made. Not only was it all written, played and produced by one man, it was also all recorded on an iPad. You definitely wouldn’t think it when you listen to it. It’s a remarkable achievement to produce such a diverse and full sounding album with this limitation and shows how skilled Pat Garrett is.

Rating 9/10

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Graves Of The Innocent - We Are Better Than This