Hammerfall Dominion Review

Album Review: Hammerfall – Dominion

Swedish Metal legends Hammerfall return with their latest album, Dominion. Some bands evolve into something else over time, Hammerfall have chosen the other route and refined their sound.

Dominion isn’t going to surprise anyone, what it does instead simply shows what a well-oiled machine Hammerfall have become. The album sounds fresh and Hammerfall show they are as hungry as they’ve ever been to bring their own brand of melodic power metal to the masses. The opening track, Never Forgive, Never Forget, paves the way for a hard-rocking album their fans are going to love. Surely destined to be a live favourite, the opener is classic Hammerfall. If you like this track you’re going to love the rest of the album.

Joacim Cans is in fine form throughout. His voice is as strong as ever and you can’t help but smile whenever he launches into a chorus. The band as a whole sound incredible. Being a guitar website, I have to take a moment to give the guitarists some attention. Oscar Dronjak and Pontus Norgren have formed an incredibly solid partnership. The guitar sounds are simply huge on each track and really show off the tight riffing well thanks to the impressively chunky tone. The lead playing is everything you could want on an album like this and manages to balance flashy and melodic perfectly. And who doesn’t love some dual harmonies?

I could live without Second To One. Not because it’s a bad song, I just prefer to hear Hammerfall at their hard-rocking best. The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint with tracks like One Against The World and Bloodline being personal highlights. Production is polished but not overdone, always a fine balance with music like this, and as a whole, the album sounds as good as any I’ve heard for a while. Hammerfall need a big sound and that’s been captured perfectly on Dominion.

I must admit, although I usually listen to heavier music than this, I do have a soft spot for bands like Hammerfall. What they bring is fun, catchy songs, strong melodies, fine musicianship and riffs any band would be proud of. With Dominion, they prove they’re still at the top of their game and ready to rock for many more years.

Rating 9/10

Hammerfall – Dominion is available worldwide on August 16th


Joacim Cans: Lead Vocals
Oscar Dronjak: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Pontus Norgren: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Fredrik Larsson: Bass Guitar
David Wallin: Drums & Percussion


Hammerfall - Dominion