Klone Le Grand Voyage Album Review

Album Review: Klone – Le Grand Voyage

Klone return with their new album, Le Grand Voyage, their first since signing with Kscope. Klone are one of those bands who fly under the radar of most people, but when you discover them it’s hard to ignore them. The French band are hard to describe. Atmospheric Rock probably covers it best but it somehow doesn’t feel like enough. Imagine mixing Gojira and Steven Wilson in a blender and you might be part way there. What really makes them stand out though is their use of space and layers to create their beautifully atmospheric music and they’ve achieved that wonderfully on Le Grand Voyage.

Put on a pair of headphones, press play and let yourself be transported. Le Grand Voyage is Klone doing what they do best. Their use of space and dynamics are a core part of the Klone sound, and it’s something they’ve taken to another level on their latest album. There’s something very organic sounding about it. Nothing ever really stands out on its own, instead, you’re fed with a beautifully layered soundtrack from the opening track, Yonder, until the album closes with Silver Gate.

Klone Le Grand Voyage Review

This is one of those albums you can listen to repeatedly and keep discovering new things within. There is a subtly to the way each instrument fits around the others. They interact in such a delicate way to become a single wash of sound, but focus on each one individually and you hear what a fine musician each member is. Occupying your own space is easy. Blending so many layers together to become a single unit like this really isn’t. And doing so in a way which still gives a huge sense of space and atmosphere is even more difficult.

When an album becomes one long journey such as this, it’s hard to pick any highlights. For me though, Keystone is a real gem. The final minute especially is simply glorious. Elsewhere, the rocking The Great Oblivion provides a taster of what else this band are capable of with its almost grungey main riff giving way to prog later in the track.

Dark and brooding, but equally uplifting and cinematic, Klone’s latest album is one to file in the Classic section. Take yourself away, press play and let Klone take you on Le Grand Voyage.

Rating 9.5/10

Le Grand Voyage is released on September 20th on Kscope.

Klone are:
Yann Ligner : Vocals
Guillaume Bernard : Guitar
Aldrick Guadagnino : Guitar
Morgan Berthet : Drums
Jean Etienne Maillard : Bass
Matthieu Metzger : Sax / Samples

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Twitter @KloneOfficial

Klone - Le Grand Voyage