Nex The World Collapses Album Review

Album Review: Nex – The World Collapses

When a copy of The World Collapses landed on my desk to review I had no idea what to expect. Nex are a modern groove/death metal band from Poland who have been working on refining their sound since 2014. I hadn’t heard of them before but after listening to their debut album I’m definitely a fan.

Brutal doesn’t begin to cover it. The World Collapses is an assault on the ears in the best possible way. From the aggressive growling vocals to the pounding drums, the thumping bass and the violent guitar riffs, you can hear the hours of playing together in their music. They’re super tight but can lay down a groove when the time is right. Some bands can do one or the other well but few can switch between the two as comfortably as Nex manage to.

Nex The World Collapses Review

Hate is a personal favourite track of mine with it’s constantly changing dynamics and some fine riffing throughout. God is also worthy of a special mention thanks to the combination of pure brutality, epic outro section and beautiful guitar solo.

From start to finish, this is an album that without any fillers. It’s constantly changing dynamics and feel always keep the listener interested. The production is top class and really captures the power of the band well. You might not have heard of Nex yet but I predict big things for them in the future.

Rating – 9/10

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Album Review: Nex - The World Collapses