PSOTY - Sunless Album Review

Album Review: PSOTY – Sunless

When a copy of Sunless by PSOTY (formerly known as Pet Slimmers of the Year) landed at Noodle Towers, I didn’t know what to expect. A week later and it’s played more than anything else in the office.

Post Metal? Post Rock? I don’t know, they don’t seem to fit neatly into a single genre. What they bring with Sunless is a crushing assault of pounding bass and drums, huge-sounding guitars and ever-changing dynamics which take you on a journey into their dark and mesmerising world. And it’s glorious!

Although some songs do have vocals, a lot of it is instrumental. You’d imagine having a mix of vocal tracks and instrumentals would become confusing but it works very well. The vocals are treated like just another instrument so it’s never jarring when they appear or empty when they aren’t there. This is one of those albums you really need to listen to as a whole. There are some great individual tracks, but together they add up to an incredible experience. The ever-evolving sound and use of dynamics throughout is masterfully done. From quiet guitar lines to huge, crushing riffs, Sunless covers a lot of ground sonically. No individual track highlights this better than The Yawning Void. It’s an epic way to end the album is my personal favourite. I bet it’d be an amazing experience hearing it played live!

PSOTY Sunless Album Review

Production and musicianship throughout the whole album is extremely high and the end result is a cohesive and mature sounding album any band would be proud to have made. I’m lucky enough to be sent a lot of albums to listen to. Some make it to the review desk, some don’t. But very few get into my brain the way Sunless has. Every time I listen to it I’m taken back by the mix of subtlety, the aggression, the use of space and dynamics. The album constantly drifts between being uplifting and apocalyptic in feel and by the time it’s finished you are left feeling like you’ve been on an epic journey. I predict big things for this band.

Rating 9.5/10

Sunless is released on 13th September on Candlelight records


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PSOTY - Sunless