The Hellfreaks - God On The Run Album Review

Album Review: The Hellfreaks – God On The Run

Album number 4 for punk rockers The Hellfreaks blasts through the speakers with the kind of energy and raw passion you don’t hear very often. Full of attitude, this is the sound of a band who don’t hold back. Béla Budai and Gabi Domján pound away on their instruments throughout and provide the perfect base for Jozzy’s punk/metal riffing to weave its way around Shakey Sue’s roaring vocals.

The Hellfreaks have managed to take the fun of skate punk, added some metal and mix in a whole load of aggression. It’s a powerful blend which is hard to ignore.

The Hellfreaks - God On The Run Review

Men In Grey sums the album up perfectly with its infectious high energy and a chorus you can’t help but join in with. I challenge you not to start banging your head to the groove. And you can expect nothing less from the rest of the album. God On The Run has been recorded and produced perfectly to capture the raw power of the band. It’s a non-stop assault in the best possible way which makes a lot of albums seem lifeless in comparison.

I have to give a special mention to the final track, Tabby. This is a song which could divide opinion so it’s a brave move to include it. The raw punk disappears and is replaced with an industrial/electro feel which brings to mind Garbage at their best. It’s totally different to the rest of the album but the band pull it off incredibly well. So well in fact that after it finished I was left wanting more in this style. Maybe this is a sign of things to come in the future? If The Hellfreaks can somehow combine both styles and make them work through a full album it could be an incredible fusion.

Rating 9/10

The Hellfreaks are: 

Zsuzsa Radnóti “Shakey Sue” – Vocals 

Jozzy – Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Gabi Domján – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Béla Budai – Drums

God On The Run Tracklist: 

01 – Men In Grey

02 – Red Sky

03 – Hello Sea!

04 – Doldrum Dynasty

05 – Witches Heal

06 – Royal Blue

07 – Adrenalized

08 – As Above

09 – Clear Water

10 – Tabby

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The Hellfreaks - God On The Run