Ammoon American Sound Pedal Review

ammoon American Sound Pedal Review

Amp simulators have come a long way in recent years and most have a huge amount of options available within them. Sometimes, all you want is a simple solution and that’s exactly what ammoon aim to provide with their American Sound pedal.

ammoon American Sound Pedal

Whilst most amp simulators are digital, ammoon have taken a different approach with this pedal and used an analogue circuit. You’re never going to find a million different options within an analogue pedal like this but at times it definitely makes sense to use this technology instead of going digital. One of the big bonuses of this pedal is the simplicity.

Low, Mid and High controls cover all of your EQ needs. Set them all at 12 o’clock for a flat response and then you can use the knobs as a cut or boost which makes it easy to dial in your overall tone. The Level knob seems to operate as a master level control and doesn’t change the overall sound. Drive does what you’d expect and controls the amount of distortion. The real star of the show is the Character control. Set low, it’s supposed to give you the sounds you’d expect from a Fender ’57 Deluxe. As you turn the knob up the sound changes and morphs through various other classic Fender amp tones. It seems like what it’s actually doing is providing a boost to the mids and also increases the gain at the same time.

There’s also a speaker simulator as part of the circuit. Unfortunately, this is always on. It would be nice to be able to turn it off for running through an amp or using your own impulse responses. You can run it through an amp but I don’t think you get the best out of it that way.

Power can either be provided by a 9v battery or power adaptor. The pedal can be turned on and off via a solid feeling true-bypass switch and it’s all housed in a solid feeling metal case. Everything feels like it’s been made to a high standard with no obvious cutting of corners.

ammoon American Sound Pedal Review

In Use

The most important part of this pedal is the character knob. You really need to set all of the other controls to fairly neutral settings and then play around with the character knob for a while to be able to get the most from the American Sound. With the character set low, you’ll find lots of great tones. Twangy country, jazz and blues tones are all easily available with the right EQ and Gain settings. Not only does the overall sound come across as authentic, but the feel is there too. It might not have the full tube feel but the way it reacts is more authentic than some digital products I’ve tried. Increase the character and the tone has more bark to it. Because the gain also increases, you might have to turn the gain knob down as you increase the character and also make adjustments to the EQ.

My favourite tones were all within the first half of the Character knobs range. That’s not to say it sounded bad after that, it just didn’t provide the kinds of sounds I’d use. It gets very thick sounding as you turn it up and there’s lots of distortion to play with. Even at lower character settings, there was a good amount of gain available and it was easy to get classic rock tones with. Throw an overdrive pedal in front of it and you’ll be rewarded with some great sounding lead tones.

ammoon American Sound Pedal Review

One of the things I really liked about this pedal was how it didn’t take over my sound. With some amp simulators, it seems like it doesn’t matter what other gear you use, you always get pretty much whatever sound the sim wants to provide. With the ammoon American Sound, I could hear a very big difference when I switched guitars, just as I’d expect from a decent amp. Use other pedals with it and the character of the other pedals is still there too so it’s ideal as a pedal platform. It works very well as an amp replacement for recording or straight to a PA. It’s actually very hard to find anything negative to say, especially when you consider the price. There is some extra hiss at higher gain settings but that goes with the territory and you’d find that with an amp anyway. With cleaner settings it’s remarkably quiet.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from such an inexpensive pedal. Compare it directly to the recorded sound of a genuine Fender Deluxe and it might not stand up too well. But taken as its own thing entirely, it’s more than capable of providing a wide range of great tones. I actually compared it to some Fender models in a couple of my plugins and it more than held it’s own against them. I’d certainly be happy to use it for recording through or even the odd gig if I was planning on playing straight through the PA. For such a cheap pedal it’s pretty amazing. If they added an off switch for the cabinet simulator it’d be even better.

Rating 9/10

The ammoon American Sound Pedal is available for around £30. For more information visit ammoon

ammoon American Sound Demo

ammoon American Sound