BEAR Release "Apollo's Heist" Video

BEAR Release “Apollo’s Heist” Video. Debut Track From Their Upcoming Album

BEAR hails from Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city and home to a thriving local metal and hardcore scene since the ‘90s, which is when members of BEAR first met. This year marks their 10th anniversary as a band. With three albums released since on Let It Burn and Basick Records, performances at festivals such as Graspop, Roadburn, Rock Herk, Euroblast, UK Tech Fest, Complextiy Fest, and headlining tours throughout Europe and India, the band has made themselves a name in the heavy music underground scene as one of the most punishing live acts out there.

They have just released a video for “Apollo’s Heist”, the first single from the album”Propaganda” which will be released on May 8 via Pelagic Records.

“Apollo’s Heist is all about fighting a fight you cannot win, and even when you think you’ve won, there will always be some sort of revenge. So, the story continues. This was the first song we wrote for the new album, so it’s only fitting that it kicks off the new chapter for BEAR.”



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