Børeal Release New EP

Børeal Release New EP

The Colombian Prog-Rock/Alt-Metal band: Børeal, heavily influenced by Mastodon, Baroness, Coheed & Cambria, just released its debut EP: Las Mariposas Agitan Sus Alas, via streaming platforms and a collector’s digipak limited to 300 copies.

Click on the link to pick the preferred streaming platform:https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/breal1/las-mariposas-agitan-sus-alas
Børeal Release New EP
Børeal does not seek to classify their sound within a single style of rock and metal. The proposal leans towards prog-rock/alt-metal with touches of post-rock, post-metal, rush and some djent.

Their lyrics are framed within a scientific and rational vision of life: the cosmos, nature, existence; not as hazards or whims of deities, or as the result of beliefs and superstitions; for Børeal science and the human intellect are the only ones capable of explaining everything.

Look for them on social media by: @borealcol

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Kayak launch video for ‘Mystery’/ first single taken from ‘Out Of This World’

Kayak launch video for ‘Mystery’/ first single taken from ‘Out Of This World’

Legendary Dutch progressive rockers Kayak recently announced they will return with their 18th studio album ‘Out Of This World’ on the 7th May 2021. Now they are pleased to reveal the first single taken from that album, and you can watch the video for ‘Mystery’ here:

Founding member Ton Scherpenzeel comments: “This song is about the, in my view, unfathomable mystery and wonder that is the world around us. No matter what stunning progress science makes, and whatever religion wants us to believe, the essence will always be that: a mystery. Which doesn’t mean we have to stop trying to figure it all out.”
The album is now also available for pre-order, arriving as a Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP + CD, and as Digital Album. An exclusive blood red vinyl edition is available directly from the band. Pre-order now here: https://kayak.lnk.to/OutOfThisWorld

The full track-listing is as follows:

1.     Out Of This World

2.     Waiting

3.      Under A Scar

4.     Kaja

5.     Mystery

6.     Critical Mass

7.      As The Crow Flies

8.     The Way She Said Goodbye

9.     Traitor’s Gate

10.   Distance To Your Heart

11.   Red Rag To A Bull

12.   One By One

13.   A Writer’s Tale

14.   Cary

15.   Ship Of Theseus


Watch a short teaser for the new album here: 

‘Out Of This World’, the band’s eighteenth studio album, with 15 new tracks, spanning 70 minutes of energetic and incredibly diverse material- though still very much recognizable as Kayak. It is clear that the new found energy has gained even more momentum since Hans Eijkenaar rejoined the group. Although they were forced to cancel all tours because Ton Scherpenzeel suffered a heart attack at the end of 2019, and immediately after that because of the Covid pandemic, we’re hearing a band that, since the demise of Pim Koopman in 2009, has not sounded more together, balanced and motivated. The current line-up of the band is as follows: 

Ton Scherpenzeel – Keyboards, lead and backing vocals 

Bart Schwertmann – Lead and backing vocals 

Marcel Singor – Guitar, lead and backing vocals 

Kristoffer Gildenlöw – Bass, lead and backing vocals

Hans Eijkenaar- Drums 

Kayak History:

KAYAK was formed in Hilversum, The Netherlands, back in 1972, by keyboard player Ton Scherpenzeel and drummer Pim Koopman who struck up a friendship in their early teens after meeting at a local volley ball club. They were committed to writing original material. With loads of melodic, symphonic songs in their pocket they recruited fellow music conservatory student Max Werner (lead vocals) and Johan Slager (guitar). After bass player Cees van Leeuwen joined, the first lineup of KAYAK was complete with the new band being signed by EMI Records being launched as a new supergroup. Their debut album ‘See See The Sun’(1973) featured a minor hit single , ‘Lyrics’, with ‘Mammoth’ and the title track also reaching the top 40. The album sold well in Holland, earning the band significant critical acclaim and developing a growing army of passionate followers. 

After a series of successful albums and several hit singles in their homeland KAYAK was on the verge of an international breakthrough in 1977 when the single ‘Want you to be Mine’, from ‘Starlight Dancer’ achieved chart success in the U.S, peaking at #55 in the Billboard Charts. KAYAK was even voted Most Promising Band of the Year by the influential American music magazine Record World. Due to the fact that charismatic lead singer Max Werner wanted to fill the vacant position of drummer meaning the band was suddenly without a lead singer, making it impossible to embark on an American tour. KAYAK focused on finding a vocalist instead. The search began with advertisements placed in British magazine ‘Melody Maker’, spotted by Edward Reekers, a huge fan of the band since the early days. Passing the audition with flying colors he became the new frontman for KAYAK and with the addition of two female singers the band returned to the recording studio to create their 6th album, the award winning ‘Phantom of the Night, which turned out to be their commercial peak. The blend of progressive rock and immaculate pop brought them phenomenal success. The album went to number one on the charts, reaching platinum status and ‘Ruthless Queen,’ became their highest charting single, (#4 in the Dutch charts). 

The next album, ‘Periscope Life’ (1980), was similar in style and recorded in Los Angeles. It consolidated KAYAK’s position as one of Holland’s most popular bands.

With their next effort, ‘Merlin’ (1981), KAYAK returned to its original progressive and symphonic rock roots, with a suite about the legendary medieval magician on side A. Many music fans considered this a milestone in the bands career. Personal and musical struggles within the band however led to a break up in 1982. The first era of KAYAK ended after the release of the semi live album ‘Eyewitness’. 

The next chapter in KAYAK’s career began in 2006 with ‘Kayakoustic’, presenting the now seven-piece band in an intimate setting.In the new millennium KAYAK was resurrected after an 18 year pause and came back with the strong symphonic crossover album ‘Close to the Fire’ (2000) with again Pim Koopman on drums and Max Werner on vocals. Unfortunately, due to ill health Max was soon forced to leave, with ex- Vandenberg singer Bert Heerink, who already joined the band on stage, taking over. With Heerink three studio albums were recorded, including the rock opera’s ‘Merlin – Bard of the Unseen’ and ‘Nostradamus – The Fate of Man’, their most ambitious efforts yet. The rock opera’s, dominated by longer, prog-based compositions, also showed KAYAK’s theatrical side with an extended cast of singers and dancers contributing to an impressive first rate live experience. It also marked the return of Edward Reekers and introduced Cindy Oudshoorn as first female lead singer. 

2008 was an important year celebrating their 35th anniversary and embarking on a large tour taking the group to the theaters and clubs. ‘The Anniversary Box’, a DVD containing the Paradiso concert as well as a collection of fan chosen tracks is released. 

The tragic, unexpected death of drummer and composer Pim Koopman one year later in the middle of the ‘Letters From Utopia’ tour almost led to KAYAK’s downfall, but two years later the group re- emerged with Hans Eijkenaar on drums and the album ‘Anywhere But Here’, dedicated to Koopman. After a period of two years preparing and recording the new rock opera ‘Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis’ was released in 2014. Shortly before the tour, lead singers Reekers and Oudshoorn unexpectedly and inconveniently announced their departure, leaving the band in disarray. But as they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and like the proverbial cat with nine lives – in 2018 KAYAK came back with a vengeance and ‘Seventeen’. 

Look out for more information on the bands 18th studio album ‘Out Of This World’ in the coming months

KAYAK online









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The Windmiller Preamp is now available on Kickstarter!

The Windmiller Preamp is now available on Kickstarter!

Aclam launches its new pedal using Kickstarter platform

The Windmiller Preamp pedal is a faithful recreation of the Grampian Reverberation Type Unit 636 built-in preamp, which was used as a saturation tool by The Who’s Pete Townshend between ’66 and ’67 to fatten his legendary tone and boost the guitar signal.

Aclam Windmiller

The result is a versatile pedal that can be used as an ‘always on’ preamp with a beautiful color, a booster for solo parts, or a tool to saturate and enhance the amp’s natural overdrive. 

  • Based on the preamp of the Grampian Reverberation Unit Type 636, S/N: 1138
  • Hi. Cut and Lo. Cut tone shaping controls for maximum versatility.
  • Suitable for Guitar, Bass and Keys
  • Includes the overload indicator lamp as the original Grampian 636 does.
  • Improved and quieter circuit including true bypass switching.
  • Custom enclosure designed to match Smart Track® pedalboards.

MAP: €269

Available on Kickstarter.

Aclam presented the new pedal during the 2021 virtual NAMM Show, and now it is already available on Kickstarter! Be one of the very first people to get The Windmiller Preamp or give them a symbolic support! 

Kickstarter link: 


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Jamstack Gears Up to Release Second Generation of the World’s Most Portable Amplifier

Jamstack Gears Up to Release Second Generation of the World’s Most Portable Amplifier

The first model revolutionized the way we think of amplifiers, the second generation will revolutionize the way we think of musical collaboration and creation.

Jamstack is gearing up for the release of the second generation of the portable/attachable Jamstack Amp, with a whole new app and software to change the way musicians play, record, and share their music. The JS2 will interact with your smartphone to control 1000’s of tone settings, creating sound quality and volume you won’t believe can come out of such a tiny amplifier. Jamstack CEO and Dragon’s Den Alumnus Chris Prendergast spent over a year digitally recreating the world’s best gear, circuit by circuit, to create the most realistic virtual gear experience on the market.

The new app will give players the ability to play along to any music on their smartphone, record music directly onto their device, and share and collaborate with other users. Its unique 2-way wireless capabilities turn it into a bluetooth speaker – making it the world’s best Bluetooth speaker for its size and the world’s only stereo wireless amplifier for networked audio – for listening to music from your phone, your home stereo, your entertainment system, or on-the-go. The small speakers pack a punch with their custom 2.5” drivers and 30W output, at a volume you won’t believe can come from a package only weighing 1.78 lbs, earning its place as the world’s smallest true modelling amplifier.

Jamstack 2

With the increase in guitar sales during the pandemic, the folks at Jamstack have kept in mind the needs of players – from beginners to pros – who are learning, practicing, recording, and collaborating from home, and they are the only amp to offer seamless 3rd party app integration. The Jamstack is designed for ‘acoustic-level’ portability, encouraging electric players to pick up and play their instruments with the same ease as an acoustic instrument.

Jamstck 2

About Jamstack:

In 2018, Jamstack’s first portable, attachable guitar amplifier hit the scene after four years of product development. The idea first came to Chris Prendergast – a high school coding teacher and guitar player – who was frequently frustrated by not being able to play his electric guitar without lugging a mountain of gear wherever he went. After a successful crowdfunding and Dragon’s Den campaign, the JS1 ended up earning over $2 million in sales. The Jamstack 2 – which comes with a 3x increase in power, performance quality, and all-around enhanced user experience – was launched on Indiegogo in November 2020, reaching its funding goal in under 10 min, and raising over $200K. Customers can still go to the Indiegogo page to pre-order the JS2 with special perks, and are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter where secret perks are released to their followers.

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Quick Questions With Fatality

Quick Questions With Fatality

Fatality are a 4 piece metal band from Essex. Playing a mixture of metal, nu-metal and grunge style music. Drawing influence from many different styles including rap, metal, rock and anything else that inspires them.
The modern Nu-Metal outfit, with the current lineup formed in the winter of 2019 after the recruitment of drummer Jordan Maze. Josh Abbott, Gareth Brimley and Matt Shynn complete the quartet. After the success of their self titled EP with which the band raised over £200 for the SNAP charity.
They went on to record their 2nd EP ‘Prey’ in 2018 and continued their charity work, organising and playing an Essex tour, attracting large crowds, culminating with their EP release party in early 2019. This time raising over £500 for the mental health charity Mind.
The band are continuing to play shows across the UK and are available for bookings. Their second EP ‘Prey’ is available for purchase NOW in all online stores and in physical copies.

Fatality Interview

Quick Questions With Fatality 

Answered By Gareth Brimley (Guitars) And Matt Shynn (Bass)

1. Who inspired you to start playing? 

Gareth:I guess I can say my dad got me interested in playing guitar, I remember at a very young age he came home with a brand new candy apple red Fender Stratocaster for himself and started jamming out in the kitchen, got me hooked! From there I wanted to start playing, my dad used to give me some small lessons from time to time, but I learned mostly through the internet using the ultimate guitar tab website. From there I started learning tab and simple songs to jam over. This was the beginning of my guitar journey!

Matt: Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom… their first 4 albums shredded so I went out and bought a Randy Rhoades and promptly hit it with everything

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without? 

Gareth:Difficult question, I’d probably going to have to say my Ibanez RGRT series guitar. Probably the best guitar I have played in regards to comfort and playability, one that I shall keep in my arsenal for a very long time.

Matt: My Mark bass practice amp… so small and light yet packs such a punch and sounds fabulous

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far? 

Gareth:Can’t just give you one album I’m afraid, first album has to be Sepultura’s “Quadra” a really thrashy and hard punching album, them boys have really upped their game on this new release. Secondly, has to be “Virus” by the band Haken. I’m a real lover of progressive metal and these boys are fighting to become the new masters of the sub-genre, if you haven’t listened to it already I’d really recommend it.

Matt: The command and conquer remastered soundtrack… its a bit nerdy and doesn’t really count but I love video game soundtracks and this one rips, particularly the redone songs with his metal band.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? 

Gareth:Dimebag Darrell from Pantera no question!

Matt: Probably Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth… one of my favourite all time bands and he has such a talent for songwriting and a lovely bloke, I’d imagine a lesson would be a lot of fun

5. What is your number one tip for any new player? 

Gareth:No need for speed! & be disciplined with your practice.

Matt: Its obvious, but practice… although I’d go further and say find something to encourage practice… join a band and have a reason so bang out scales endlessly… its a lot easier to put your mind to it when there is a product at the end of it all!


You can find all our music, videos and merch with the following links:



@fatalitybanduk (twitter and instagram)


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Devin Townsend Announces ‘Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds’

Devin Townsend Announces ‘Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds’

Launches pre-order and ‘Hyperdrive’ video

Devin Townsend is currently working on new material for upcoming albums, and for a current lack of touring possibilities and encounters with fans on the road he decided to do a series of live albums, quarantine albums, and generally interesting projects that keep people entertained while he’s busy on his next larger releases. 

Devin comments: 

“So we bring to you the ‘Devolution Series’: a grouping of oddities and interesting material that I would like people to hear, but don’t necessarily want to present as a ‘major release’.

The series will include all the quarantine songs and concerts, as well as various live shows from the past few years.

The first release is a remixed and remastered version of the ‘Live in Leeds’ show that was originally on the ‘Empath’ Ultimate Edition. It was a cool acoustic show that deserves to be heard I think, so we can use this as an introduction to the series.

I’m am currently deep in the writing of my new projects and am very excited to be doing so. Thanks for facilitating my ability to do that, and I hope you enjoy the ‘Devolution Series’.” 

The ‘Live in Leeds’ show has previously only been released in video format, and “Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds” now marks the audio release of said show. It will be released on March 19th 2021.

As a warm-up to this release, check out the ‘Hyperdrive (Live in Leeds 2019)’ video here: 

“Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds” will be available as Ltd. CD Digipak, 180g Gatefold 2LP (incl. the album on CD) and as Digital Album and as of now it is up for pre-order, so make sure to grab a copy here:


DEVIN TOWNSEND “Devolution Series #1 –

Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds” track listing:

1. Intro (06:30)

2. Let it Roll (03:48)

3. Funeral (08:17)

4. Deadhead (07:51)

5. Ih-Ah! (04:44)

6. Love? (08:06)

7. Hyperdrive (04:27)

8. Terminal (04:58)

9. Coast (04:37)

10. Solar Winds (03:25)

11. Thing Beyond Things (04:34)







https://www.youtube.com/user/poopynuggeteer/featured http://twitch.tv/devin_townsend







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Quick Questions With Alien Feelings

Quick Questions With Alien Feelings

From Wrexham in the industrial borders of North Wales armed with choruses that prove there’s only one thing better than a singalong: a shout-along!

Alien Feelings Interview

Quick Questions With Guitar Noodle

Tim- Bassist
Ryan- Guitarist
Who inspired you to start playing?
Tim- For me it was Joe Stump, the way he can make his guitar sing is incredible. He has
a way of letting you imagine anything and everything.
Ryan- I grew up a huge Green Day fan and it was their music I wanted to be able to
play, along with Blink-182 and Sum 41. But playing guitar just seems like something I’ve
always done because my dad plays a bit. I stopped playing for about 4 years before I fell
in love with music again after buying the first 2 Green Day albums (39/smooth, Kerplunk)
Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?
Tim- To name a few, My Affinity PJ Bass for sure, my laptop (the AF repository), and my
3d printer.. I need never worry about losing a guitar pick again.
Ryan- It’s gotta be my Gibson Les Paul Junior. I actually never played it for 8 months after
our last gig, way back in March, thanks to Covid and the fact it had been played to shit!
But I’ve had it set up properly and a bone nut installed, and the first time I played it
afterwards, it brought a tear to my 3 eyes.
What’s your favourite album of the year so far?
Tim- I’ve got to be honest and say I haven’t got a clue what’s been released this year. My
playlist ATM is full of 1 st wave SKA and Slayer…. And Alien Feelings of course.
Ryan- To be honest, I haven’t been listening to any new releases, but the best album
I’ve found this year has to be Operation Ivy.
If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?
Tim- Bit of a strange one but my choice would have to be Freddy Mercury. He could feel
and sense what the music was supposed to sound like.
Ryan- It’s gotta be Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. The dude kicks ass and he’s cool as
What is your number one tip for any new player?
Tim- Don’t ever stop practicing, I’m still a new player and Alien Feelings was my first
band, the knowledge and support my band mates have given me makes me wish I had picked it up sooner. The extra appreciation I now have for other musicians and artists is purely down to practice and bandmate support.
Ryan- If you’re super serious, learn scales as soon as possible!! Otherwise, you’ll reach a certain level, and they’ll bore the living shit out of you.
Here’s a list of our socials, you should definitely check-em out you beautiful
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Quick Questions With Dig Two Graves

Quick Questions With Dig Two Graves

Dig Two Graves is a Rock and Roll outfit from New Jersey. Combining an eclectic mix of Progressive Metal, Djent, and future pop, the group has garnered acclaim from a wide variety of music listeners, in and out of their genre. The band just released their critically-acclaimed debut EP, “Deathwish.”
Since their conception in 2017, Dig Two Graves has been working tirelessly to separate themselves from the pack in a very crowded genre. By combing a variety of musical styles into their all too often, cliché-heavy genre, they hope to be a breath of fresh air to anyone that listens to them play.

Dig Two Graves

Quick Questions With Guitar Noodle

1. Who inspired you to start playing?

My cousin Greg played guitar and when I saw his band play when I was a little kid, I immediately asked for one for Christmas.

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without? 

My Kemper Profiler has been super hot fire since I got it. I love it so much.

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far? 

Sokoninaru’s new album has been on repeat since it came out. I can’t really think of too many others, I’m a little behind the times.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

I was going to say Hide from X Japan but I don’t think he spoke any english so that might be tricky. Probably Hizaki from Versailles, I think he speaks english well enough.

5. What is your number one tip for any new player? 

Try not to create bad habits. I held my pick wrong for a super long time and had no idea. It’s harder to break bad habits than create new good ones.


Official Links






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The Hellfreaks Release Acoustic ‘Red Sky’ Music Video

The Hellfreaks Release Acoustic ‘Red Sky’ Music Video

Hungary’s hottest Punk Rock Metal upstarts THE HELLFREAKS have released an acoustic stand alone video single for their punk rock anthem RED SKY, taken from their 2019 album GOD ON THE RUN.

The stunning, energetic and talented vocalist Shakey Sue commented:

2020 brought on an unexpected turn in our life. Instead of shouting out the words of our newest songs from the stage together with you, we were forced back home between our 4 walls and our world got surreal and silent. Silence overcame us all and we quickly realized how powerful it can be but at the same time we discovered how much of a force it can be if we team up with it. So we did. By now most of you know Red Sky, our punk rock anthem we released back in 2019, as one of our first singles from ‘God On The Run’. Red Sky teaches us to rise from our ashes. That we should allow to hurt what has to hurt, that we should let it rise to the surface and we should let it rage and howl because that’s where change lies! But this story has two sides and the downfall is part of the game.

THE HELLFREAKS are working hard on the next album to be released late 2021/early 2022.

RED SKY (Unplugged) is available on digital streaming platforms worldwide!


Website: www.thehellfreaks.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHellfreaks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehellfreaks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehellfreaks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehellfreaks/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2gwo7JN0Ug8xOQZKevs5Pr?si=N6FTb1meR5WQML6I2YhECw

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Jon Gomm Shares New Video For ‘The Ghost Inside You’ To Coincide With The Launch Of New Ibanez Signature Model Guitar JGM10

Jon Gomm Shares New Video For ‘The Ghost Inside You’ To Coincide With The Launch Of New Ibanez Signature Model Guitar JGM10


Jon Gomm, the UK based acoustic guitar virtuoso, has shared the video for latest single ‘The Ghost Inside You’ taken from his recent album on Kscope, The Faintest Idea.

As with the previous videos in the series, Jon has collaborated with The Samsara Collective to film in the stunning setting of Niamos Radical Arts Theatre, Manchester, to showcase the immersive and expressive emotional quality of his music.

The instrumental video features the new JGM10 guitar Gomm has developed with Ibanez Guitars: A company he grew up admiring as the designers of electric guitars for his teen guitar idols. 

“To have been on this adventure with my childhood dream guitar company, to design a guitar perfect for modern fingerstyle guitar playing… I do not deserve it.”

Gomm becomes the first ever acoustic guitarist to develop a signature model with them.

When most people look at an acoustic guitar, they see exactly that – a wooden box with strings. As one of the pioneers of the modern fingerstyle sound, however, Jon Gomm has a rare gift for turning one instrument into what feels like an entire orchestra…

The Blackpool-born singer-songwriter’s 2003 home-recorded debut, Hypertension, was nothing short of a musical revelation: drumming beats, tapping chords and striking harmonics on his acoustic underneath that warm, soulful voice. 

Perhaps one of the greatest surprises with The Faintest Idea is how it contrasts the incredible human warmth of Gomm’s acoustic articulation with more icy affairs, thanks to the synth parts and production work from Australian musician Andy Sorenson. Instead of a war between man and machine, the collaboration delicately cross-pollinates simple honesty with more forward-thinking atmospheres. It is a contemporary masterpiece – rich in its sense of paths traveled and roads taken, while also daring to gaze into the unexpected future.

The album is complemented by the delicate hand-drawn pen and ink cover art created by Lee Zimmerman

The Faintest Idea is out now on CD, double LP, digital and as a stunning limited edition deluxe 3 disc hardback book edition which will feature – CD1 – The Faintest Idea album, CD 2 – The Naked Artist Mix – a stripped back version of the album; a DVD containing 6 exclusive performances filmed in a medieval church, guitar technique presentations,  a 35 minute Jon Gomm interview, song description videos and The Faintest Idea in high-resolution stereo audio. The beautiful book features Lee Zimmerman illustrations, song descriptions, handwritten lyrics and full track tablature for the song “Check You’re Still Breathing”. Jon’s reaction to the deluxe edition can be seen in this latest unboxing video here.

 All formats are available to order now https://jongomm.lnk.to/TheFaintestIdea


Faintest Idea UK/Eire Tour

Oct 2021

1 – Dublin, Academy 2

8 – Haverhill, Arts Centre

9 – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds

10 – York, Crescent

15 – Trowbridge, Emmanuel’s Yard

16 – Swansea, Sin City

17 – Cardiff, The Globe

21 – Bristol, Thekla

22 – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms

23 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

29 – Huddersfield, The Parish pub   

30 – Glasgow, Oran Mor

31 – Newcastle, Cluny 

Nov 2021

4 – Liverpool, The Leaf Café

5 – Blackpool, Bootleg Social

6 – Preston, The Ferret

13 – Guildford, Boileroom

14 – Southampton, Joiners

15 – Brighton, Komedia

27 – London, Bush Hall

Dec 2021

4 – Manchester, The Bread Shed

5 – Leeds, Brudenell Social

16 – Runcorn, Brindley Theatre

Follow Jon Gomm:

Facebook / Youtube /  instagram / Twitter

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