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Wolves Like Us – Stream New Album In Full

Wolves Like Us – Stream New Album In Full

Norway’s Wolves Like Us will unleash their fourth album, Brittle Bones, this Friday on Pelagic Records and are streaming it in full.

Listen now:

The band comment, We built this record brick by brick, took the mortar from the 90s alt rock classics and mixed it with the concrete of punk rock – the result was a graffitied punk squat inhabited by shady sailors. Enjoy.
The long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s Black Soul ChoirBrittle Bones — demoed by Kvelertak’s Bjarte Lund Rolland and mixed by Kowloon Walled City’s Scott Evans — displays a more refined and dynamic wolf pack. 
WOLVES LIKE US’ Brittle Bones includes a guest vocal appearance with longtime comrade Gared O’Donnell of Planes Mistaken For Stars and will be available on CD, LP, and digital format. See preordering options below. Fans of The Afghan Whigs, Quicksand, Hot Water Music, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Junius, and Drive Like Jehu pay heed. 
Following the release of Brittle BonesWOLVES LIKE US will embark on a European tour supporting Planes Mistaken For Stars. The journey begins in December 1st in Manchester and runs through December 12th in Oslo. See all confirmed dates below.
WOLVES LIKE US w/ Planes Mistaken For Stars:
12/01/2019 Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK
12/02/2019 The Exchange – Bristol, UK
12/03/2019 The Flapper – Birmingham, UK
12/04/2019 Rescue Rooms – Nottingham, UK
12/05/2019 G2 – Glasgow, UK
12/06/2019 The Lounge – London, UK
12/07/2019 Den Eglantier – Sint-Niklaas, BE
12/08/2019 Jubez – Karlsruhe, DE
12/09/2019 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
12/10/2019 Cassiopeia – Berlin, DE
12/11/2019 MTC – Cologne, DE
12/12/2019 Vaterland – Oslo, NO

Forged in 2010, WOLVES LIKE US emerged out of the ashes of local punk/hardcore pioneers JR Ewing, Amulet, and Infidels Forever, among others. The band quickly made a name for themselves as a super-energetic live band within the local scene, blending equal parts Quicksand and Afghan Wings with their own idiosyncratic post-hardcore sound. After only five shows, they signed with Prosthetic Records and hit the road for tours and shows with the likes of such scene heavyweights as Kvelertak, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Swing Kids, Junius, and Gallows. The band went on to release three critically-lauded albums under the Prosthetic Records banner: Late Love (2011), Get Gone (2012), and Black Soul Choir (2014).

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Quick Questions With Days To Come

Quick Questions With Days To Come

Blending pop-styled vocal melodies with heavier, intricate instrumentation, the Georgia based hard rock band Days To Come works tirelessly at taking their brand of positivity as far as it can go. Striving for professionalism & honesty, DTC focuses on solid songwriting & high energy live shows as well as growing & maintaining their fan-base by interacting via social networking.

With the release of Siren (2019) & Wolves (2019), the band began to cement their sound. Drawing inspiration from the cultures they’ve experienced from touring the southeastern United States over the past five years, DTC believes in connecting with people from all walks of life & growing their family.

DTC is currently working on an EP & is scheduled to release it before the end of 2019.

Days To Come Interview

Quick Questions

1. Who inspired you to start playing?

Brandon – I’ve always had a musical ear since I was little. However, I couldn’t sing so I wanted to instead play an instrument. My family had a long line of guitar players, so it felt natural.

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?

Brandon – A string winder. I absolutely hate changing strings and the string winder makes it so much faster. Gets me out of that hell.

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far?

Brandon – Plini – Handmade Cities. Every song on the album is a complete and beautiful gem. Everything is so pleasant to listen to. Each song has so much thought and precise detail that makes every experience a special moment. It’s just such a joy to be able to be graced by such talent. I’ve been listening to this album every day since it essentially came out in hopes that I can learn how to become a better songwriter and gift giver.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Brandon – Plini. His style is so beautiful, I would love to sit down and learn anything I could from him.

5. What is your number one tip for any new player?

Brandon – Get persistence. The hardest part of learning anything is getting over hurdles that impede progress. Hurt fingers and hard techniques often belittle newer players, but if you stick with it, it becomes easier and better.

Feel free to check us out at
We’re also on all of the social sites (@daystocomemusic) and our music is on all of the major online platforms. Stream our new single, Vultures, and be on the lookout for our upcoming EP.

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Toronto Blessings Release New EP – ‘Alseep’

Toronto Blessings Release New EP – ‘Alseep’

Asleep is the culmination of 6 months of hard work for Toronto Blessings. Over the 7 tracks it showcases every side to the band. From pulsating Synth, driving bass, to screaming walls of noise, all kept together with bigger hooks than Quint. Lyrically the band arent afraid to deal with dark subject matter but they always try to offer hope. We would love it if they were the catalyst for someone feeling they were able to talk about having a hard time. It was recorded very quickly with the bulk of the tracks being recorded over 2 days. Renowned producer Jason Sanderson (Rolo Tomassi, Brontide, Bodyhound) was at the helm again and captured the music exactly to what we wanted to achieve. The production is clean and crisp and when the layers of noise cascade into each other on the end of the title track Asleep it’s a perfect apocalyptic cacophony to soundtrack the demise of human civilisation.

Check out the EP at these sites –

Toronto Blessings - Asleep EP

Asleep recorded by Jason Sanderson (Who has recorded/mastered Rolo Tomassi, Brontide, Bodyhound, The Plight)

Instagram toronto_blessings

Band Members
Rik – Vocals/Bass
Dale – Guitar/Synth/Vocals
Murray – Drums

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Pist Share New Single & Guitar Playthrough Video For ‘If I Was You…’

Pist Share New Single & Guitar Playthrough Video For ‘If I Was You…’


Riff juggernaut Pist who release new album ‘Hailz’ on 8th November through APF Records (Mastiff, Battalions, BongCauldron, Desert Storm) have shared a guitar playthrough video for new single ‘If I Was You…’.  Filmed in association with Blackstar Amplification, guitarist John Nicholson describes the track as, “The fastest and most extreme song from the album, this was written shortly after seeing Uada in Nottingham which turned out to be a big influence for us.”

Watch the playthrough video for ‘If I Was You…’ now

The Bury, Lancashire based quartet’s new album ‘Hailz’ features 7 tracks that see them taking a step away from the stoner-doom label they were tagged with. 

Formed in late 2013 Pist have since released an EP and album chock-full of NOLA-influenced, Southern-tinged heavy rock whilst traveling the UK playing gigs, festivals and drinking beer. Both long out of print on CD, APF re-released 2014’s “Riffology” EP and 2015’s “Rhythm & Booze” album on one disc under the title “68 OFO” in March 2018 with new artwork by Dominic Sohor. 

As with their debut EP and previous album, ‘Hailz’ was recorded with Chris Fielding (Conan, Witchsorrow, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard), this time over at Foel studio. 

Only 2 years after starting out Pist had already supported Orange Goblin and Raging Speedhorn, toured with Ten Foot Wizard and Widows and come to the attention of Simon Hall at Bloodstock Open Air Festival who booked them to perform on Bloodstock’s the Sophie Lancaster Stage in August of 2015. 

During the six years since their formation Pist has also supported Napalm Death, Church Of Misery, Monolord, OHHMS and Dopethrone and played at Mammothfest, ‘Kinhellfest, Red Sun Festival, Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest (twice). The band undertook UK tours in 2014 with Diesel King, 2015 with Foetal Juice and BongCauldron & Gurt, and with their label-mates BongCauldron again in 2016. Last year saw a co-headline tour with APF Records label-mates Battalions in the Spring, playing at Desertfest London in May. 

‘Hailz’ is a record that will grab the attention of fans of Orange Goblin, Kvelertak, Motörhead, Entombed, Uada and Black Breath making Pist one of the standout bands in the current UK underground heavy scene. ‘Hailz’ is Pist finally finding their sound as vocalist David Rowlands concludes, 

“I finally feel like we’ve made a record we can all be proud of.”

Pist are: Dave Rowlands – Vocals, John Nicholson – Guitars, Mike Collins – Bass, & backing vocals Andy Hunt – Drums

Pre-order now: 
1 – Ex-Nihilo
2 – Wreck
3- Mind Rotter
4 – Fools Gave Chase
5 – If I Was You…
6 – Strangle The Sun (featuring Elephant Tree)
 7- Skin Your God
Upcoming Pist shows:

9th November 2019 – Album release show – The Bread Shed, Manchester w/ Bast, Video Nasties

19th March 2020 – Hammerfest – Great Yarmouth
20th March 2020 – The Dev – London
21st March 2020 – The Old Salutation Inn – Nottingham
6th June 2020 – Stonebaked Festival – Temple of Boom – Leeds

“This is nuts-out and rum-fucked outlaw metal from the dingy pubs of Manchester” –  METAL HAMMER 

“Pist have got everything – groove, riffs, great sound, heaviness and rawness and bags of attitude” – AVE NOCTUM 

“A compact amalgamation of razor riffs played along a fuzzy metallic edge, pounding drums, and a screaming vocalist that wants to rip your face apart while at the same time pouring a beer down your neck and partying till dawn” – HEAVY PLANET

Find Pist online: 

Twitter: @PISTband


YouTube Channel:


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New Live Single From Underwing

New Live Single From Underwing

 Underwing delivers high-octane progressive finesse in their latest LIVE version of “Paragon (Live from Spirals Tour)”


Progressive grunge band Underwing continues to release new music this fall, while simultaneously writing their debut album. This time around they’re launching a LIVE version of “Paragon”, one of the first songs the band ever wrote and released together back in 2016. 

2019 has been a hectic year for Underwing with the release of multiple singles leading up to their latest EP “Spirals”, a summer tour to promote their music to new audiences, and recently they released a cover of TOOL’s famous song “The Pot”.


Now they’re back again with “Paragon (Live from Spirals Tour)” featuring a LIVE video of the band during one of their shows on their aforementioned summer tour! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

The band has issued the following statement in regards to the release;

“The second single we released back in 2016, “Paragon” was a shock to the local audience who were curious about Underwing. After putting out a slow and groovy stoner-rock song, “Reaper” on the 1st of July 2016 – We held this gem ready for release on the 15th of July and everyone suddenly started taking us more seriously. Here is a LIVE version of the song, from our latest tour “Spirals Tour” which took place the summer of 2019. This one is for the fans!”


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Quick Questions With Plastic Age

Quick Questions With Plastic Age

After a first EP already hailed by the critics at the national level in 2017, Plastic Age released their first album, Blood Red Roses, in April 2018. Their rock, bursting with multiple intelligently digested influences (from Kinks to Hives to Ramones or Pixies) is a subtle blend of punk energy and finesse of pop. Their music is dignified and their attitude brave.

Quick Questions With Plastic Age

Quick Questions

1. Who inspired you to start playing?

Apolline : There is no particular person that inspired me. My father has been singing and playing guitar since his teenage years, so I have always been around it. I started playing guitar at 12 wanting to play music. I wanted to put up a band and play Rock. That’s all. I picked up the bass guitar only at the moment when the band came to be. We needed a bass guitar player. I didn’t know how to play it but I had one at home and things just fitted in. I wanted to play bass guitar for a long time and the occasion came to me!

Nicolas : In my high school years I started listening to Rock music, The Beatles to be more precise. I was astonished. After that, I wanted to put up a band so I asked my parents to sign me up to some guitar lessons. So there’s no particular guitar player who made me pick up this instrument but an entire band.

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?

Apolline : I don’t know much about gear and equipment. I love my bass guitar – even if it costs a lot to keep it in check and to purchase spare parts. I think it’s beautiful but then, my leopard strap is great too. I care a lot about it because the band gave it to me on my 17th birthday. I wanted one just like this one because the singer of Plastiscines (a French girls band) has the same thing.

Nicolas : I could not live without my gear ( guitar, amp, pedals ). But if there’s one thing I can’t give up is my electric guitar. It’s a red Epiphone Casino. Besides being a great guitar ( lightweight, polyvalent, fitted with the best sound for our band ), I have lots of love for it.

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far?

Apolline : Not Scientists’ Golden Staples. But that’s cheating. It’s from 2018. They’re a French Punk Rock band. I had a crush on them thanks to this album last summer. Better later than never!

Nicolas : My best of 2019 is Angel Olsen’s All Mirrors. She’s the only artist I am waiting for to release something new. I love her first two opus releases but the third one makes me jubilate. The music videos, her voice, the arrangements are all fantastic.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Apolline : The Jam’s bass guitar player Bruce Foxton. It’s the man that gave me the push to pick up the bass. I love his way of playing. He’s all over the fretboard without making it looking like a technique masterclass.

Nicolas : For a lesson, I’d pick Dave Gregory (XTC). But I can’t make up my mind between him and Joey Santiago (Pixies) because of his brutal way of playing that makes him recognisable. But then I prefer Dave Gregory for his wider range of techniques that allows a wider area to be explored.

5. What is your number one tip for any new player?

Apolline : Never give up. Learning how to play an instrument is the hardest thing there is. You will rapidly be overwhelmed but it is a step to go through before enjoying it all and before bringing it all into a band. But then, I’m not into learning it all, like music theory, tabs and so on. I’ve learned everything by being a self-taught. It’s important to keep in mind all the progress and to not let it go when having a blank page moment.

Nicolas : The advice I’d give is to work, get out of the comfort zone, be polyvalent and above everything, be interested in everything and not just lay on kind of a box.



Fall tour 2019 dates on their Facebook page
Facebook :
Youtube :
Bandcamp :

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Leprous Release ‘Distant Bells’ Single

Leprous Release ‘Distant Bells’ Single

Today, Norwegian Rock outfit Leprous are launching a new, third single entitled “Distant Bells” off their sixth and most ambitious studio album “Pitfalls”, which is to be released on October 25th, 2019 worldwide via InsideOutMusic.

Listen to “Distant Bells” here: Continue reading →

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BOSS Announces DD-3T And DD-8 Digital Delay Pedals

BOSS Announces DD-3T And DD-8 Digital Delay Pedals

New Digital Delay Models in the Iconic Compact Series Bring Players Expanded Features and Increased Versatility

BOSS announces the DD-3T and DD-8, two new digital delay pedals added to the famous compact series lineup. The DD-3T replaces the long- running DD-3, updating the classic pedal with tap tempo and other modern features. The DD-8 takes over from the previous-generation DD-7 as the most advanced delay in the compact series, enhanced with numerous sound modes and features that make it the most full-featured delay pedal in its class. Continue reading →

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Quick Questions With Brewfish

Quick Questions With Brewfish

Brewfish is an Alternative Rock/Reggae band based in Long Beach, California. Established in 2011, they are known for their unique SoCal sound, infusing Dub, Rock, Funky beats, and a touch of Rhythm ‘n Blues. Continue reading →

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Plastic Barricades Release “One for the Road”

Plastic Barricades Release “One for the Road”

London alt indie duo Plastic Barricades released “One for the Road” on the 1st of October. This “ode to freedom of exploration” is the first single from the upcoming sophomore LP “Self-Theories”, due in early 2020. Continue reading →

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