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FLAMMA Innovation Release Two New Pedals – FC10 Noise Gate & FC11  Envelope Filter

FLAMMA Innovation Release Two New Pedals – FC10 Noise Gate & FC11 Envelope Filter

The FC10 Noise Gate pedal is a flexible, compact noise gate aimed at squashing annoying hum and feedback while preserving your original, beautiful guitar tone. The FC10 controls are extremely simple featuring a toggle switch that lets users quickly switch between a Hard mode and Soft mode with each mode indicating the level of noise reduction. Also included is the Threshold knob, allowing users to tweak when the noise gate effect kicks in based on the signal input. Now, we know noise gates aren’t the most exciting pedal to add to your rig so that’s why we made the FC10 super compact so you can fit it anywhere and housed it in a durable metal shell so you’ll never need to replace it.

FC10 Noise Gate

1. Two modes to choose from: Hard/Soft

2. Full metal shell for durability 3. Tiny and compact design

4. True bypass switch

5. DC 9V adapter power supply

The FC11 Envelope Filter pedal is a mini form factor pedal from Flamma Innovation featuring a robust and customizable envelope filter for auto wah style effects. Unique to the FC11 is its pure analog circuit that provides a warm and natural-sounding effect. Featuring a wide range of knob controls, users can set up their FC11 to be used with guitar or bass and cater their tone for a variety of different styles using the Sensitivity, Tone, Decay, and Q knobs. True bypass is also included to prevent unwanted signal degradation when the pedal is off. The FC11 is housed in a durable metal shell with one of the smallest footprints on the market fits easily on any pedalboard.

The FC11 Envelope Filter

1. Pocket-sized envelope filter/dynamic auto wah pedal.

2. Sensitivity, Tone, Decay, and Q knobs allow you to set your favorite tone.

3. Suitable for guitar and bass.

4. Pure analog circuit provides a lush, warm sound.

5. DC 9V adapter power supply

All FLAMMA Innovation products are available on Amazon/Flamma Shop/Aliexpress worldwide.

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Two notes expand DynIR Artist Series with Phil X Virtual Cabinets

Two notes expand DynIR Artist Series with Phil X Virtual Cabinets

Two notes expand their Artist Series of DynIR Virtual Cabinets by announcing a partnership with one of the most prolific session players (Chris Cornell, Avril Lavigne, Alice Cooper, and many others) and respected musicians (lead guitar ‘Bon Jovi’ since 2011, frontman / guitarist ‘The Drills’) of modern times, Phil X.

Dynamic Impulse Responses (DynIR) are regarded as one of the most advanced yet easy to use cab sim technologies available for guitarists and can be used with Torpedo hardware, such as Captor X, or the Two notes Wall of Sound Plug-In.

The Phil X Collection captures 5 of Phil’s favorite stage and studio cabinets used throughout his incredible career in DynIR format:

  • Phil X Master of Tone – captured from an open back Magnatone® 1×8″ with a Jensen® “Special Design” speaker
  • Phil X Mars 412 – captured from a closed back Marshall® 4×12″ 1960B with Celestion® G12-75 speakers
  • Phil X MLC – captured from a MLC Custom® closed back 4×12″ with WGS® Veteran 30 speakers since 2011
  • Phil X Mars 212 – captured from a closed back Marshall® 2×12″ P.A. cabinet with Celestion® G12-65 speakers
  • Phil X Super 108 – captured from a closed back Supro® 1×8″ with a Jensen® CBR speaker

The 5 cabinets were meticulously captured with 8 studio microphones through vintage Neve® 1061 preamps at Ocean Way Studios (Nashville) and the Pop Machine (Indianapolis).The 4 DynIRs created at Ocean Way Studios were engineered by Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winning Producer / Engineer, Ben Fowler.

Phil X
Every once in a while a technology comes around and out of the gate, I’m like NO WAY!!! I want real amps with real speakers. Then Two notes comes along with the Captor X, which has a load box for my amp and a variety of virtual cabinets with tons of parameters, that sounds great. Now that I have my very own 5 favorite cabs in the system, it’s FANTASTIC!! Oh… and I’ll be using them on tour too!


Guillaume Pille, Two notes Audio Engineering CEO

“I am excited to welcome Phil X’s personal collection to our library of DynIR virtual cabinets. People who know Phil understand that he would never settle for anything less than perfection. He loves tone, so he loves the gear that will provide that tone in any situation. Having Captor X in his studio and touring rigs wasn’t enough, he wanted his own collection of DynIRs, the trusted cabinets and microphones that have followed him for so many years. This is what the Artist Series is about: bringing to the whole Two notes community the experience of renowned musicians who devoted their lives to tone chasing.”

For further information visit 

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Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin

Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin

Create state-of-the-art acoustic soundscapes

Guitar amp plugin specialist, Nembrini Audio, is proud to launch Acoustic Voice, a preamp plugin which combines guitar and microphone simulation with studio preamp, modulation, delay and reverb controls. See the plugin in action at and hear it here.

Nembrini Audio has expertly profiled six iconic acoustic guitars and three professional mics for their new plugin, Acoustic Voice. The plugin features high quality modelling of the following classic, sought after guitars: Martin 0028ec*, Gibson L00*, Landola J80E*, Guild D140CE*, Ayers DSR* and the Taylor 814CEDLX*. Acoustic Voice also contains three tried and tested studio mics emulations with different placements based on the following mics: the Audix ADX 51*, Beyerdynamic M201* and the Shure SM57*.

The controls of the new plugin, based on the creative techniques developed by studio engineers and producers, allow guitarists to create and explore state of the art acoustic soundscapes.

Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin

Acoustic Voice’s PREAMP let users fine-tune their tone using a comprehensive range of controls which can compress input signals, progressively add distortion, mix input signal and mic’d acoustic guitar simulations, choose different pickups, adjust low frequency bass notes, boost trebles, work with or remove high and low frequencies and deal with problem frequencies.

The speed, synchronisation and intensity MODULATION controls offer users limitless opportunities to move their tone into the ultimate dimensional experience. Plus, the totally tweakable DELAY and REVERB controls combine to further assist Acoustic Voice users in the creation of acoustic music.

Talking about the Acoustic Voice plugin Igor Nembrini, founder and creator of Nembrini Audio said: ‘the plugin turns your under saddle pickup into a studio-grade, pro-sounding full body elite instrument.’

For an introductory period only, Acoustic Voice  (as an iLok-protected** AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plug-in) for MAC OS1.9 and above or Windows 7 and above, is available to purchase for only $39.00 USD (normally $99.00 USD) until 8th August 2021. The AuV3 format for iOS can be purchased for $9.99USD (normally $14.99 USD).

To find out more about Nembrini Audio’s Acoustic Voice please go to

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Two Notes And Victory Announce V4 Kraken Guitar Amp With Torpedo Embedded Technology

Two Notes And Victory Announce V4 Kraken Guitar Amp With Torpedo Embedded Technology

Victory Amplification, working closely with Two notes Audio Engineering, announce the release of the V4 Kraken Guitar amp. This powered (inc. all valve preamp) pedal features Victory’s valve feel, unique, class D power stage (180W @ 4 Ohms) with embedded Torpedo DynIR cabinet simulation and tone-shaping tools.

The Victory V4 Kraken Guitar amp (with the highly respected Kraken contemporary, articulate and powerful high gain tone) features fully featured Torpedo Remote embedded functionality, that allows players to elegantly and simply DI the amp straight to FOH (or DAW) and still retain their backline.

Two notes DynIR technology (fully controllable via USB Torpedo Remote), ships with a choice of 10 included Victory cabinets (and a further 400+ more available from the Two notes store), each with a choice of 8 microphones, dual mic’ing (front and back), studio-grade post effects (EQ and Enhancer) and the ability to save 6 presets.

Martin Kidd – Victory Amps Chief Designer

‘After the success of the V4 Duchess Guitar amp, the Victory amps community kept asking ‘Where is a Kraken version?’ So here it is! With the V4 Kraken Guitar amp we wanted it to have all the best bits of the range, in a package that you could take with you everywhere!’

Guillaume Pille – Two notes Audio Engineering CEO 

‘We are extremely excited to see the pedal-format Kraken V4 guitar amp be announced to the world. It has long been our vision that we work closely with the most exciting and forward-thinking companies in our industry, and with Victory, the pedal-format Kraken guitar amp is the perfect way to highlight this. With the fully embedded USB controllable Torpedo (featuring our DynIR technology), fans of the Kraken tone can now go direct to the board in any live and studio environment and be confident that with Two notes, their direct tone is going to be on point!’

V4 Kraken Guitar amp with Torpedo embedded technology

Technical specifications
  • Preamp valves: 1 x EC900, 3 x CV4014
  • Power output: 180W @ 4 ohms (approx 90W @ 8 ohms, 45W @ 16 ohms)
  • Features: Aluminium chassis, reverb, remote switching for channels, series FX loop, balanced DI out, Two notes embedded technology, 6 virtual cabinet presets.
  • TWO CHANNELS – FOOTSWITCHABLE: Two independent channels with controllable gain and master knobs to make dialing in tone simple and easy. Gain 1 has less gain compared with the high gain of Gain 2.
  • THREE-BAND EQ: Powerful bass, middle and treble controls to shape the tone. These also have an effect on the gain character and drive levels – just like in any valve guitar amp.
  • SIM PRESETS: The V4 Kraken comes with ten Victory DynIR Virtual Cabinets. There are 6 programmable presets (created by Rabea Massaad) that are switchable from the V4 Kraken. These can be edited and changed via Two notes Torpedo Remote (USB).
  • SERIES EFFECTS LOOP: Sits between the preamp and power amp. Run your time-based effects here for total clarity.
  • BALANCED LINE OUT & CAB SIM OUT: Send a direct feed to FOH or DAW. Can be used with or without a speaker connected. Cab Sim output works with Two notes DynIR virtual cabinets and imported 3rd party IRs.
  • 180W @ 4 ohms. (Approx 90W @ 8-ohms / 45W @ 16 ohms)
  • Power requirements: Mains IEC
  • Size: 258mm (10.2″) x 174mm (6.85″) x 105mm (4.13′) – inc. feet & handle
  • Weight: 1.7Kgs
  • SRP/MAP: £799 / €919 / $999
  • UPC: 5060462940745 (available exclusively from Victory Amps)

Two notes :
DynIR Virtual Cabinet Technology :
Torpedo Remote :
Victory Amplification :

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Gearbox – Andy Wood Signature Pedal

Gearbox – Andy Wood Signature Pedal

Andy Wood is recognized as one of this generation’s most influential guitarists. He spent most of his childhood playing and competing in festivals and touring the bluegrass circuit with his cousin and grandfather. This lit Andy’s creative fire and by the age of 22, he demonstrated his outstanding electric guitar skills being crowned champion of Guitar Center’s “Guitarmageddon” competition. Andy has toured professionally with a wide range of acts including Rascal Flatts, Gary Allan, Locash, Scott Stapp, and Sebastian Bach. Andy Wood has definitively blurred the lines of preconceived genres with his most recent album, “Junktown”, a masterpiece of different guitar styles and progressive southern inspired fusion.  Junktown was recorded with a prototype of what is now the Wampler Gearbox Andy Wood Signature pedal.

Gearbox features modified versions of two of Brian Wampler’s best loved drive circuits: the Tumnus and the Pinnacle.  This combination makes the Gearbox one of the most versatile dual pedals Wampler has ever created.  A top-switchable stacking order control, dual inputs and outputs, a unique noise gate, premium quality components, along with a stunning finish, makes Gearbox THE single pedal solution that delivers.

Channel 1 (based on the legendary Tumnus) is a perfect addition to any board setup and any playing style. It’s versatility allows you to stack it with another pedal to help push or shape the total amount of gain, use it as a stand-alone overdrive, or as a slightly dirty boost, to push the front end of your amp over the edge.

Channel 2 (Based on the Pinnacle, one of Brian’s most popular distortion pedals) delivers that legendary “Brown Sound”.  The three band EQ lets you dial in your soaring lead tone while the unique noise gate keeps the clarity on point.  Stack both channels together for tonal bliss – warm, yet brutal grunt; delicate and controllable harmonic overtones; and beautifully defined distortion that cuts through the mix.

The Order switch lets you select which pedal comes first in the signal chain.  For ultimate control, connect both sets of inputs and outputs to an external switcher to mix or match in parallel or series. Andy named this pedal the Gearbox as it was designed to be the driving force behind your sound.

Gearbox – Andy Wood Signature Pedal

  • Built in the U.S.A. with high-grade components selected for superior sound and response, premium finish and controls.
  • Dual Independent drives based on two of Brian Wampler’s Classic Circuits – a Tweaked Tumnus on Channel 1 and a modified Pinnacle on Channel 2.
  • Independent Volume and Gain controls for both channels, Tone Control for channel 1, Bass, Middle, Treble and Noise Gate controls on Channel 2.
  • Channel Order switch with two pairs of Input and Output jacks
  • Power draw: 52mA at 9v
  • 9v power jack – DC supply only, do not exceed 9v DC, battery Included
  • Includes Limited 5-Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 5” x 4.5” x 1.5″ (88.9mm x 114.3mm x 38.1mm) – height excludes knobs and switches
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The Windmiller Preamp is now available on Kickstarter!

The Windmiller Preamp is now available on Kickstarter!

Aclam launches its new pedal using Kickstarter platform

The Windmiller Preamp pedal is a faithful recreation of the Grampian Reverberation Type Unit 636 built-in preamp, which was used as a saturation tool by The Who’s Pete Townshend between ’66 and ’67 to fatten his legendary tone and boost the guitar signal.

Aclam Windmiller

The result is a versatile pedal that can be used as an ‘always on’ preamp with a beautiful color, a booster for solo parts, or a tool to saturate and enhance the amp’s natural overdrive. 

  • Based on the preamp of the Grampian Reverberation Unit Type 636, S/N: 1138
  • Hi. Cut and Lo. Cut tone shaping controls for maximum versatility.
  • Suitable for Guitar, Bass and Keys
  • Includes the overload indicator lamp as the original Grampian 636 does.
  • Improved and quieter circuit including true bypass switching.
  • Custom enclosure designed to match Smart Track® pedalboards.

MAP: €269

Available on Kickstarter.

Aclam presented the new pedal during the 2021 virtual NAMM Show, and now it is already available on Kickstarter! Be one of the very first people to get The Windmiller Preamp or give them a symbolic support! 

Kickstarter link:

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Jamstack Gears Up to Release Second Generation of the World’s Most Portable Amplifier

Jamstack Gears Up to Release Second Generation of the World’s Most Portable Amplifier

The first model revolutionized the way we think of amplifiers, the second generation will revolutionize the way we think of musical collaboration and creation.

Jamstack is gearing up for the release of the second generation of the portable/attachable Jamstack Amp, with a whole new app and software to change the way musicians play, record, and share their music. The JS2 will interact with your smartphone to control 1000’s of tone settings, creating sound quality and volume you won’t believe can come out of such a tiny amplifier. Jamstack CEO and Dragon’s Den Alumnus Chris Prendergast spent over a year digitally recreating the world’s best gear, circuit by circuit, to create the most realistic virtual gear experience on the market.

The new app will give players the ability to play along to any music on their smartphone, record music directly onto their device, and share and collaborate with other users. Its unique 2-way wireless capabilities turn it into a bluetooth speaker – making it the world’s best Bluetooth speaker for its size and the world’s only stereo wireless amplifier for networked audio – for listening to music from your phone, your home stereo, your entertainment system, or on-the-go. The small speakers pack a punch with their custom 2.5” drivers and 30W output, at a volume you won’t believe can come from a package only weighing 1.78 lbs, earning its place as the world’s smallest true modelling amplifier.

Jamstack 2

With the increase in guitar sales during the pandemic, the folks at Jamstack have kept in mind the needs of players – from beginners to pros – who are learning, practicing, recording, and collaborating from home, and they are the only amp to offer seamless 3rd party app integration. The Jamstack is designed for ‘acoustic-level’ portability, encouraging electric players to pick up and play their instruments with the same ease as an acoustic instrument.

Jamstck 2

About Jamstack:

In 2018, Jamstack’s first portable, attachable guitar amplifier hit the scene after four years of product development. The idea first came to Chris Prendergast – a high school coding teacher and guitar player – who was frequently frustrated by not being able to play his electric guitar without lugging a mountain of gear wherever he went. After a successful crowdfunding and Dragon’s Den campaign, the JS1 ended up earning over $2 million in sales. The Jamstack 2 – which comes with a 3x increase in power, performance quality, and all-around enhanced user experience – was launched on Indiegogo in November 2020, reaching its funding goal in under 10 min, and raising over $200K. Customers can still go to the Indiegogo page to pre-order the JS2 with special perks, and are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter where secret perks are released to their followers.

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Jon Gomm Shares New Video For ‘The Ghost Inside You’ To Coincide With The Launch Of New Ibanez Signature Model Guitar JGM10

Jon Gomm Shares New Video For ‘The Ghost Inside You’ To Coincide With The Launch Of New Ibanez Signature Model Guitar JGM10


Jon Gomm, the UK based acoustic guitar virtuoso, has shared the video for latest single ‘The Ghost Inside You’ taken from his recent album on Kscope, The Faintest Idea.

As with the previous videos in the series, Jon has collaborated with The Samsara Collective to film in the stunning setting of Niamos Radical Arts Theatre, Manchester, to showcase the immersive and expressive emotional quality of his music.

The instrumental video features the new JGM10 guitar Gomm has developed with Ibanez Guitars: A company he grew up admiring as the designers of electric guitars for his teen guitar idols. 

“To have been on this adventure with my childhood dream guitar company, to design a guitar perfect for modern fingerstyle guitar playing… I do not deserve it.”

Gomm becomes the first ever acoustic guitarist to develop a signature model with them.

When most people look at an acoustic guitar, they see exactly that – a wooden box with strings. As one of the pioneers of the modern fingerstyle sound, however, Jon Gomm has a rare gift for turning one instrument into what feels like an entire orchestra…

The Blackpool-born singer-songwriter’s 2003 home-recorded debut, Hypertension, was nothing short of a musical revelation: drumming beats, tapping chords and striking harmonics on his acoustic underneath that warm, soulful voice. 

Perhaps one of the greatest surprises with The Faintest Idea is how it contrasts the incredible human warmth of Gomm’s acoustic articulation with more icy affairs, thanks to the synth parts and production work from Australian musician Andy Sorenson. Instead of a war between man and machine, the collaboration delicately cross-pollinates simple honesty with more forward-thinking atmospheres. It is a contemporary masterpiece – rich in its sense of paths traveled and roads taken, while also daring to gaze into the unexpected future.

The album is complemented by the delicate hand-drawn pen and ink cover art created by Lee Zimmerman

The Faintest Idea is out now on CD, double LP, digital and as a stunning limited edition deluxe 3 disc hardback book edition which will feature – CD1 – The Faintest Idea album, CD 2 – The Naked Artist Mix – a stripped back version of the album; a DVD containing 6 exclusive performances filmed in a medieval church, guitar technique presentations,  a 35 minute Jon Gomm interview, song description videos and The Faintest Idea in high-resolution stereo audio. The beautiful book features Lee Zimmerman illustrations, song descriptions, handwritten lyrics and full track tablature for the song “Check You’re Still Breathing”. Jon’s reaction to the deluxe edition can be seen in this latest unboxing video here.

 All formats are available to order now


Faintest Idea UK/Eire Tour

Oct 2021

1 – Dublin, Academy 2

8 – Haverhill, Arts Centre

9 – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds

10 – York, Crescent

15 – Trowbridge, Emmanuel’s Yard

16 – Swansea, Sin City

17 – Cardiff, The Globe

21 – Bristol, Thekla

22 – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms

23 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

29 – Huddersfield, The Parish pub   

30 – Glasgow, Oran Mor

31 – Newcastle, Cluny 

Nov 2021

4 – Liverpool, The Leaf Café

5 – Blackpool, Bootleg Social

6 – Preston, The Ferret

13 – Guildford, Boileroom

14 – Southampton, Joiners

15 – Brighton, Komedia

27 – London, Bush Hall

Dec 2021

4 – Manchester, The Bread Shed

5 – Leeds, Brudenell Social

16 – Runcorn, Brindley Theatre

Follow Jon Gomm:

Facebook / Youtube /  instagram / Twitter

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Gus G Launches His Own Pickup Company

Gus G Launches His Own Pickup Company

Introducing 2 brand new sets of high output Metal Pickups

Legendary metal guitar player Gus G, known for his work with OZZY OSBOURNE and FIREWIND announces new venture BLACKFIRE PICKUPS – his own Pickup company. Without a doubt, Gus is one of the most influential metal shredders to emerge on the scene the past two decades and has had a long-lasting line of signature products, including guitars & amplifiers.

Thru different ongoing cooperations with the industry´s biggest brands over the past years, Gus developed a very precise and distinctive idea about how he wants his gear to function and of course, how it has to sound and behave to help him expressing his musical creativity. 

Gus states: “Creating my own pickups was a dream come true. This wasn’t about making another signature piece of gear, but rather than creating something new from scratch based in my 20 year long experience touring and recording professionally. Being on a constant search for the perfect tone, I wanted to make the pickup that will be suitable not only for myself, but for any Rock & Metal player that is looking for solid, uncompromising tone.”

Gus was working on the idea for BLACKFIRE PICKUPS for several years. Endless prototypes and tests later, the fist pickups came to life – The Proteus & Immortal sets!

Originally living exclusively on his latest Jackson signature models, the pickups are finally available as standalone products and you can preorder them now!

Check out this Video of Gus explaining the story of BLACKFIRE PICKUPS:

 IMMORTAL – passive humbucker

Blackfire Pickups

Immortal is a high output passive humbucker pick up set designed in conjunction with Gus G. Based on an Alnico 5 magnet, this is a great pickup for Rock and Metal tones with powerful midrange boost that provides crunchy rhythm tones and screaming leads.

  PROTEUS – active humbucker

Blackfire Pickups

The Proteus is a powerful active humbucker pickup set designed in conjunction with Gus G to match his needs for his Metal playing style that requires powerful rich tone and expressive feel.

The pickups come with a high output, low-noise preamp that gives enough kick and distortion, with well-balanced EQ and rich harmonics that respond perfectly to picking attack and dynamics.


IMMORTAL Set (passive): 175€

PROTEUS Set (active): 199€


Dealer inquiries: 

Please contact

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Revv’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Revv’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Revv Amps are spreading holiday cheer with the new Revv’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! With 12 gifts up for grabs (revealing 1 every day until winners are announced), you have the opportunity to win everything from some merch to Revv’s all new Generator 120 MKIII 4-channel tube amplifier with built-in Two notes Audio Engineering reactive loadbox and impulse responses. The best part – it’s totally free!

REVV Christmas Giveaway

“It’s no secret that for many of us, Christmas is going to be strange this year. However, here we are in December 2020 and we’ve made it this far by coming together. The support we’ve seen from the entire music community throughout 2020 cannot be understated. It’s time to give back. We want to spread the spirit of giving with a chance to win one of 12 gifts, up to and including a brand new Generator 120 MKIII! Every day from December 11th to December 22nd a new prize will be revealed here, and on December 23rd we will announce the 12 winners via livestream! Tell all your friends, and spread kindness this holiday season.”

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our Revv family to yours! Learn how to sign up now.

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