Cinematic Metal Outfit HYPNO5E Stream New Album In Full

 ‘A Distant (Dark) Source’ Released Today (Pelagic Records) 
HYPNO5E have forged the term “cinematic metal” with their truly epic- scope compositions, oftentimes exceeding not only the 10- but the 20-minutes mark, merging elements of contemporary metal with latin folk and soundtrack-score like sonic landscapes. 
After the acoustic special album “Alba –Les Ombres Errantes” (2018), the Southern French quartet are now returning with a more “typical” HYPNO5E record, if there is such a thing: their 5th album, “A Distant (Dark) Source”, is the second part of a diptych album project released on 22nd November (Pelagic Records). Today the band are now streaming the album in full ahead of tomorrow’s release date with guitarist Emmanuel Jessua adding,
“A Distant Dark Source is our 5th album. It continues to chase those demons and lost memories which we have been chasing ever since the debut album “Des Deux L’Une Est L’Autre”. The album is an inward journey to the land of the ghosts of the past. At the origin of this distant dark source lies Tauca, an old Paleolithic lake located in Bolivia, where I grew up, and where I continue to find inspiration for my musical work. 
This album is the continuity of what we’ve built since the begining of the band, but it has a more visceral and direct, violent approach. It’s raw, direct and it got no boundaries, it’s our more personal album for many reasons. We found a common way to express this music, now we feel like all those lands we travelled together result in this particular musical object. But there’s more than sound, and we hope that you’ll escape on great wanderings too.”

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There are moments that remind you of the expansive technical elaborations of BTBAM, but there is also the careful melancholia of Cynic and the sheer power of Gojira… but in the end, all these comparisons fail – HYPNO5E’s organic sound is undoubtedly their own. Unlike so many bands who rely on a single sound or technique to create their music, HYPNO5E are not bound to any precondition.
Order the album now – http://bit.ly/hypno5eEU