Donner Noise Killer Gate Pedal Review

Donner Noise Killer Gate Pedal Review

They might not be a household name but if you are looking at effects pedals on Amazon you’re likely to see Donner branded pedals popping up in the search results. Although they’re on the budget end price-wise, they usually get pretty good reviews so I decided to give their Noise Killer a try.

Donner Noise Killer

The Noise Killer is Donner’s mini pedal noise gate. Being a mini pedal means you can’t expect a huge amount of features so we’re limited to a true bypass switch, a threshold knob and a hard/soft mode switch. To be honest, it’s about all you need anyway on a pedal like this. Power can only be provided by an adaptor as there isn’t space inside the pedal for a battery.

Donner Noise Killer Gate Pedal Review

Operation is nice and simple. Insert it wherever you think it’ll work best in your chain (usually first), turn the threshold knob until any background noise disappears and then fine tune it from there. If you turn it up too high it’ll strangle the tone or cut notes off sooner than expected so it’s important you find the right level. It’s a quick task though. Once the level is set you can choose between hard and soft mode. This basically controls how quickly the gate cuts in and there is an audible difference between the two. For lead playing or for softer rhythm work it’s usually better to have a softer gate, but if you’re mainly playing heavy riffs and you want them to sound precise when you mute, stick with hard mode.

Performance is very good. If you turn the pedal off after playing for a while you really notice how well the Noise Killer does its job, especially on a slightly noisy rig. Having silence when you’re not playing instead of hiss and hum really makes a big difference. For metal rhythm, it’s an even more vital addition to your pedalboard. Say goodbye to noise between chugs and hello to glorious silence.


Performance might be slightly lower than some more expensive pedals but it’s better than a number of them I’ve tried. The build quality feels pretty robust and it’s not a pedal you’ll want to turn off so it won’t be taking much abuse. Set the levels and leave it to do its job. And for around £25 ($37), it does its job remarkably well. If you don’t already own a noise gate then you really have no excuse not to buy one. It’s cheap, it works well and it’ll take up hardly any space on your pedalboard

Rating 9.5/10

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The Donner Noise Killer pedal is available from Amazon

Donner Noise Killer Gate Pedal