Ed Fraser New Single And Album

ED FRASER (Heads.) New Video “Tempest” From Melbournian Singer, Guitarist And Songwriter Just Premiered

Solo Full-Length ‘Ghost Gums’ Nears via This Charming Man Records

‘Ghost Gums’ is the debut full-length from native melbournian singer, guitarist and songwriter Ed Fraser, set for release via This Charming Man Records on September 13.

Watch the stunning video for “Tempest”

“I shot the video for Tempest with my frequent collaborator, Rosa Mercedes. Our schedule was really tight so we rented a car and headed out to some lakes about an hour East of Berlin late on a moonless night. That day, Rosa had managed to hunt down the only person in Berlin who deals in waterproof body paint – an artist who has worked on music videos for members of Rammstein and other things – and last minute convinced them to sell us their only remaining personal supply for about 50 Euros. We parked in the forest, painted each other completely white and then ran around naked, filming our version of a tempestuous ghost story. A couple of ghosts in a cold lake at midnight with an expensive camera”