Flamma Release Two New Pedals

FLAMMA Innovation Release Two New Pedals – FC10 Noise Gate & FC11 Envelope Filter

The FC10 Noise Gate pedal is a flexible, compact noise gate aimed at squashing annoying hum and feedback while preserving your original, beautiful guitar tone. The FC10 controls are extremely simple featuring a toggle switch that lets users quickly switch between a Hard mode and Soft mode with each mode indicating the level of noise reduction. Also included is the Threshold knob, allowing users to tweak when the noise gate effect kicks in based on the signal input. Now, we know noise gates aren’t the most exciting pedal to add to your rig so that’s why we made the FC10 super compact so you can fit it anywhere and housed it in a durable metal shell so you’ll never need to replace it.

FC10 Noise Gate

1. Two modes to choose from: Hard/Soft

2. Full metal shell for durability 3. Tiny and compact design

4. True bypass switch

5. DC 9V adapter power supply

The FC11 Envelope Filter pedal is a mini form factor pedal from Flamma Innovation featuring a robust and customizable envelope filter for auto wah style effects. Unique to the FC11 is its pure analog circuit that provides a warm and natural-sounding effect. Featuring a wide range of knob controls, users can set up their FC11 to be used with guitar or bass and cater their tone for a variety of different styles using the Sensitivity, Tone, Decay, and Q knobs. True bypass is also included to prevent unwanted signal degradation when the pedal is off. The FC11 is housed in a durable metal shell with one of the smallest footprints on the market fits easily on any pedalboard.

The FC11 Envelope Filter

1. Pocket-sized envelope filter/dynamic auto wah pedal.

2. Sensitivity, Tone, Decay, and Q knobs allow you to set your favorite tone.

3. Suitable for guitar and bass.

4. Pure analog circuit provides a lush, warm sound.

5. DC 9V adapter power supply

All FLAMMA Innovation products are available on Amazon/Flamma Shop/Aliexpress worldwide.