Fortin Grind Pedal Review

Fortin Amplification Grind Pedal Review

Sick of your 8 string monster sounding dull and muddy through your monster valve amp? Perhaps the Grind pedal by Fortin Amplification could be the answer!

Many of us can only dream of owning an amp built by Fortin Amplification, but there is a cheaper way for us mere mortals to infuse some of that signature Fortin sound into our rigs. The Grind pedal takes Mike Fortin’s favourite 6irth and 6rind settings from his amps and puts them into a pedal. With one single knob, this pedal may be simple, but it will totally change the sound of your amp.

Fortin Grind

Firstly, if you’re looking for a standard boost pedal to provide a transparent boost when it’s time to solo, this is not the pedal for you. Offering up to +20db of boost, it will certainly give your amp a kick but it will also radically change the tone too thanks to the bass cut and selective mid/high boost. This is really designed for use with a muddy sounding amp to give you a lot of extra clarity and is best thought of as an always-on character changing pedal

Taking a quick look around the pedal, the black finish white graphics look excellent. The feel of the pedal screams quality, and so it should do for the price. The input, output and power adaptor sockets are all placed along the top edge making it easier to squeeze into a tightly packed pedalboard.  On the right-hand side, there is a jack socket for remote channel switching on your amp and a small switch to change how this works. If you have a suitable amp, this means you can change between your clean and dirty channels using the Grind pedal. A very useful feature! Remove the screws on the base of the pedal for access to the battery compartment. And that’s about it. Simple but well thought out and built to a high standard.

Fortin Grind Pedal Review

Plug in your 7 or 8 string guitar, set your amp at moderate gain levels, set the Grinds knob to 1 0’clock, hit the footswitch and you’ll instantly hear that Fortin character coming through your speakers. The amount of bass this pedal removes is a bit of a shock at first. My 7 string has always made me fight to get anything resembling clarity on the low notes. I had no such problems with the Grind pedal providing a helping hand. I actually needed to adjust my amp settings slightly as there was simply too much clarity and clang. Every note becomes very audible and they no longer get buried in a sea of bass frequencies. I won’t lie, it might take you a little time to get used to how different your sound is with the Grind engaged. You might think it’s removed too much bass and boosted the other frequencies too much. But just keep playing for a while, then turn the pedal off. You’ll realise straight away how muddy and undefined your sound amp sounds without it and want to turn it back on again.

Although you can use the Grind pedal with a 6 string guitar in regular tuning, where it really shines is when you start getting low. The lower you tune, the more bass frequencies you have trying to take over your sound. The only way to keep things clear is by removing some of the bass and adding some clang to your sound. Take a band like Meshuggah for example. Seriously low tunings but you can hear every note with ease. This is what the Grind does. I was genuinely shocked by how good it made my drop A tuned 7 string sound. It gave me all the clarity I’d usually get with my 6 string instead of the low string being a mess. Live or recorded, the change in character leaves plenty of space for the bass and kick drum to do their job properly. It’s pretty common for guitarists to use something like a Tube Screamer to achieve similar results, but the Grind takes it to another level. Although it’s not an overdrive pedal, the amount of boost available will easily push a crunchy amp into pure filth levels of saturation. The single knob gives allows plenty of control but I kept finding myself heading back to the 1 o’clock position every time. Maybe it’s just my equipment but it seemed like a real sweet spot. This gave me the perfect boost to take me from moderately gain to the perfect amount of chug for heavy riffs, and all with the extra clarity and presence the pedal provides. It’s a hard, aggressive tone which cuts through with ease.


The Fortin Grind won’t be for everyone. The price tag is high and many people simply don’t need such an extreme tonal change. However, if you tune low and your amp just can’t provide the kind of clarity you desire, the Grind pedal should be very high on your wish list. If you’re looking to unleash drop tuned brutality from your amp, this is the pedal for you.

Rating 9.5/10

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Fortin Amplification Grind Pedal