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Guest Review – GOC Guitars Materia Group Run

Here’s a first for Guitar Noodle. A guest review!

I’ve been following GOC Guitars for a while now. They have a number of great looking designs but it was their headless guitars I was really attracted to, especially because they are so well priced. So when my buddy, JD McClure, bought one I had to ask him to write a guest review.

I’ll hand over to JD…..

GOC Guitars Materia Headless Guitar Review

Hey, what’s going on guys!?

I am Jesse McClure. Most call me JD…some call me Jess…and there’s even one that calls me Dad. I am a 37 year old DIY Guitarist/Composer/Freelance Engineer from Fresno, California. I just released the first single “Skate Now!” for my new Instrumental project Arsenal Audio a few months ago. It’s currently available on all major streaming platforms and digital stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Band Camp and Amazon. I am also a Bog Street Artist endorsee.

So, the GOC Materia Group Run was something special and I am very pleased to have been involved. I first learned about GOC Guitars after attending NAMM this last January and becoming infatuated with the modern fanned fret (multi-scale) headless style guitars! I absolutely needed to own one asap, so I started doing some research. I started by looking at the prices and specs of several modern axes online and GOC Guitars just happened to be offering exactly what I was looking for. A headless multi-scale with an ash body, maple neck and wenge fretboard.

GOC Materia Headless Guitar Review

Then I read about the Group Run on social media and signed up immediately. The run rules were simple. Order window was from Feb 1st thru March 1st but was later extended an additional month I believe due to popular demand. A 50% non-refundable deposit of $345 was required for spot reservation and the other 50% was due upon completion of the instrument but before it ships out. So a total of $690 USD which included shipping and a set of Guitarmory pups! That’s insane, right? I had to jump in and take a chance with this new company and I am sooooo happy I did.

So, somewhere around 80 people joined the run and we all got our choice of limited customizations. The choices included number of strings from 6-8, Maple or Wenge fretboard, choice of 9 different antique finishes and choice of any set of The Guitarmory Pickups…I chose a 7 string with Wenge in Antique Blue with Fox Bats Pickups. And it is absolutely amazing!

GOC Materia Headless Guitar Review

My Fox Bat pups are actually still in production so GOC went ahead and sent me and the other group run members a free set of their own GOC brand 4th Dimension Pickups pre-installed in our Materias. That’s right, an additional pair of free pickups that actually sound and look incredibly impressive! I must admit it was a bit of a curveball but these ferrite magnet based pups are tight, clean and super quiet.

The other specs on the Materia Group Run included multi-scale jumbo stainless steel, ball end fanned frets…bolt on compound radius maple neck with dual carbon fiber rods and Maple Inlays…Zero fret nut-less head system…North American solid ash body…GOC Bell-brass headless bridge system…1 volume pot and 1 three-way toggle and of course the 4th Dimension and Guitarmory pickups. Oh, did I forget to mention they threw in a free gig bag? Well, its easily the best quality gig bag I have ever owned…and I have a stupid expensive Gibson gig bag I got years back on sale at Guitar Center…This bag destroys the $150-$175 Gibson bag. And that’s how much it cost like 15 years ago!

GOC Materia Headless Guitar Review

Ok, ok, so how does the guitar play bro? Well after a bit of trouble with my local luthier I spent some quality time with my Materia learning and analyzing how it reacted to adjustments and got it set up to mega shredder status! I won’t go into details here about the nightmare my local luthier caused me but the details are in the review/demo video on YouTube if you’re curious. So, I managed to get the action nice and low and pretty damn straight and this guitar feels fast, smooth, sensitive and basically the only thing stopping this beast from world domination is the user! The stainless fanned frets were meticulously crafted and super comfortable. They don’t look too bad either. A super thin neck pocket allows 100% total access to the fretboard with absolutely zero issues. The neck profile is similar to an Ibanez compound radius and stays in tune well. The solid ash body is the lightest guitar I have ever owned and it feels extremely comfortable on the body and not cheap…though light, it’s a solid hunk of tonewood bro, and it reminds you.

And yes, it Djents. It definitely Djents.

GOC Materia Headless Guitar Review

So in conclusion, after spending some honest quality time playing and working on my Materia, although this guitar is not flawless, this is about as good as it gets for the price point! You will notice small imperfections in the inlay work or some other cosmetic related issues but for me it’s all about function not fashion. And believe me man, this guitar freakin’ functions…it functions hard. I would highly recommend GOC Guitars without hesitation to any musician interested in the modern guitar game! This axe rates about an 8.5 out of 10 for me, in its respective category…only losing points for cosmetic flaws and the fact that I needed to add a shim to get what I consider optimal action…I was then later informed that my guitar was accidentally shipped without a shim, so who knows, maybe my rating would be even higher.

Either way guys and gals, keep your eye on GOC Guitars for sure. They are on their way to owning this price range on the modern guitar game. And now they are getting ready to release their new ECO line of Atlas Wood guitars!!! You may as well head over to their social media and follow them right now. And while you’re at it, stop by mine.

Guitar Noodle: So there you have it guys. I want to say a huge thank you to Jesse for writing this review for me. After reading his review and speaking to him about it, I think he got a great guitar for the price. $690 for a handmade headless guitar is pretty ridiculous. Yes, there are a few minor issues but GOC have got the most important parts right, and it’s pretty hard to find any guitar in this price range without the odd small issue. For the price, the specs are pretty incredible. I think JD got a killer deal and I believe GOC will have learnt a lot with this group run and will iron out any of the minor problems.

Let me say it again, $690 for a handmade headless guitar! I need one for myself now.

Rating 8.5/10

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