Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar Lessons

Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar Lessons

Let me help you master those guitar riffs with 1-1 guitar lessons via Zoom. I’ll look at your playing, break down your weaknesses, and give you a solid foundation to build from. If you’re just starting out I can set you on the right path so you avoid the mistakes and learn the right way from the start.

Whether you want to learn other people’s music or write your own riffs, I can help you to develop a stronger picking hand, more accurate timing and improve finger mobility on the fretboard. If you need help with writing and recording your own riffs I can provide that too.

Free no-obligation introduction call
A quick call to discuss your needs and see where you’re level as a player is at. This is usually enough for me to spot your weaknesses so I can prepare your first lesson for you.
There is no obligation to book any lessons. Part of the reason for this call is to make sure we can work together.

Beginners welcome
It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, it’s never too soon to start taking lessons from me. In many ways, it’s actually easier to work with someone who is inexperienced because it’s easier to break any bad habits they are developing and put good ones in place. I have a range of exercises to help improve finger dexterity, hand synchronisation and rhythm development.

£20 per lesson
Lessons usually last between 40 minutes and an hour. I believe in paying for knowledge rather than time so I’m not interested in bulking out lessons purely to fill a time slot. If we end up going over an hour that’s fine too. The main thing is to teach you what you need during each lesson so you can take it away and practice before the next one. Tablature and chord charts will be provided whenever they’re needed.

Contact me now to discuss your needs. Please note, I am in the UK so working with students in other time zones can be trickier.