Ibanez JTC Players Pick

Ibanez & JTC Guitar Collaborate On “The Player Pick”

JTC Guitar is an online lesson site that provides amazing opportunities to learn to play guitar utilizing high-quality educational materials, taught by today’s leading players. Ibanez and JTC have now collaborated on the JTC1 pick, the product of extensive research and development with various JTC artists. Based on the new Ibanez KALEIDO series picks, the 2.5mm ultra-thick JTC1 is made of “Tritan,” a copolyester material that assists in fast picking and works well in tandem with fingerstyle playing for superior tonal consistency. JTC1 pick packages also contain a link to free JTC learning materials.

-Eastman Tritan™ copolyester enables fine control of nuance in picking
-Specially designed bevelled edge for precise picking
-2.5mm thickness for fast playing
-100% Made in Japan