IK Multimedia Amplitube Slash

IK Multimedia Amplitube Slash Review

Very few guitarists are as iconic as Slash, so it’s only fitting for one of the biggest names in virtual amps, IK Multimedia, to create a signature collection based on the great man’s rig. The AmpliTube Slash Collection includes 2 amplifiers, 6 effects and 2 cabinets, all designed to give you the classic Slash tones in one easy to use package.

What’s Included

Let’s take a look at the stomp boxes. First up is the Booster. This is a simple boost pedal designed to give you up to 20db of boost to push the amps harder for more gain. It’s a simple but effective pedal and is ideal for giving the amp a kick into a higher gear, perfect for lead playing.

The Gate does what it says on the pedal. There isn’t really much to say about a gate but it works effectively.

The X-Chorus is based on the MXR Stereo Chorus and sounds beautiful with clean tones. There is plenty of adjustment so it’s capable of anything from subtle to over the top chorus effects.

The /Delay takes the Boss DD3 into the digital realm. Switch it on with a driven amp for instant Welcome To The Jungle. It’s a nice sounding delay with plenty of versatility.

The WahDist is based on the Dunlop SW-95, Slash’s signature model wah pedal. This pedal combines a regular wah pedal with a distortion, perfect for solos. The gain can be adjusted or turned off completely if you want a clean wah sound. It sounds great with the distortion engaged though.

Last up is the OctoBlue. This adds fuzz and also doubles your guitar two octaves down. It’s a bit of an oddball effect which most people won’t use very often, but a nice addition nevertheless.

What stands out most about the effects is how much they capture the typical slash sounds. Every time I switched one on I immediately thought of a Slash riff or lick. Maybe it’s because I’m already thinking about Slash when I’m using this collection, but IK Multimedia have really captured the essence of Slash’s iconic sounds in the effects section.

Amplitube Slash

Onto The Amps

Let’s be honest, it’s the amps most people are going to be interested in. The collection contains 2 of Slash’s signature Marshalls. The AFD100 and the JCM Slash. These are two very different amps which combine to cover all of Slash’s signature tones.

The AFD100 is a thick, aggressive amp. I must admit, I loved the tones I was getting out of it as soon as I switched it on. It just has one of those sounds which makes you want to play. It also has 2 modes, #34 and AFD. AFD mode is obviously the setting for those Appetite tones while #34 points you towards the Use Your Illusion sounds.

#34 is the most refined of the two and sounds just like you’d expect. Pick a track from either UYI album and it won’t take you long to nail the tone with this channel. Switch to AFD for more gain and those classic AFD sounds. It really is amazing how close you can get to the original album tones with this plugin.

amplitube slash

The JCM Slash was a little disappointed at first because it’s so much quieter than the AFD. Once I turned up the output on Amplitube things started to get cooking. It’s a very different sounding amp to the AFD. It has a much thinner sound and a different kind of distortion but after playing with the settings I found it equally as satisfying to play through.

Between the two amps, you have all kinds of tonal options at your fingertips and the distinct characters work very well together. Hidden inside are many classic Slash clean, overdriven, distorted and lead tones, all waiting to leap out.

One thing I noticed was how much time I lost because I couldn’t stop playing through either amp. They not only sound good but they react well to how you play too. It’s very easy to set a sound that lets you switch from rhythm to lead sounds simply by using the volume control of your guitar or even just by changing your pick attack.


Slash worked closely with IK Multimedia in creating his Amplitube Signature Collection and it shows. Many people think you can get Slash style tones by simply playing through a classic Marshall amp, but Slash is very picky about his tone and his iconic sounds have come from modded amps. Sure, you can get close with regular Marshalls (or Marshall simulations), but to really nail his tone you need one of his signature amps based on those modded amps or this virtual collection. Turn on either amp and start tweaking the settings, I guarantee you’ll be reminded of certain songs very quickly.

The effects are the icing on the cake. When added in front of either amp they nail some of Slash’s most iconic recordings effortlessly.

For Slash lovers this really is the best way to get his tones in an affordable and easy to use package. I’ve used many different virtual amps but none have come as close to the true Slash tones as the Amplitube Slash Collection. Don’t be mistaken for thinking it’s just for Slash fans though. It would also make the ideal collection for many heavy rock guitarists. The way IK Multimedia have nailed the way the amps react to your playing makes them a joy to play through. They sound great in a mix and can cover a wide range of tones with ease.

Rating 9/10

The IK Multimedia Amplitube Slash Collection is available from – https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/slashcs/ for €99.99

IK Multimedia Amplitube Slash Demo Video