Chris Brooks Sweep Picking System For Arpeggios

Improve your Sweep Picking Today

Sweep picking is a great way to add some speed to your playing but it’s not the easiest technique to learn. Very often people miss out on crucial elements when they are trying to learn sweep picking which either holds them back or leads to them giving up on it entirely.

In his Sweep Picking Systems For Arpeggios video series, Chris Brooks guides you through all of the fundamentals of sweep picking so you have a solid foundation to build on. After trying a number of his products I can safely say that Chris is one of the best guitar teachers on the internet. He doesn’t just give you some examples to copy. Instead, he really breaks down everything he teaches right down to the basics. This is so important if you want to learn any technique and guarantees you will improve your playing the correct way. Nothing is overlooked in his courses and books.

His Sweep Picking Systems For Arpeggios video series is available for $35 which is an absolute bargain if you want to start learning to sweep pick the correct way.

For full details and to buy the course, visit Chris’s store HERE

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