Joey Sturgis Tones Bus Glue Joel Wanasek Review

JST Bus Glue Joel Wanasek Review

The Joey Sturgis Tones Bus Glue Joel Wanasek is a series of bus glue compressor plugins created by Joey Sturgis Tones in collaboration with Joel Wanasek. Each compressor has been designed to be quick and simple to use so you spend as little time as possible tweaking controls.

The collection includes six plugins for bass, vocals, drums, keyboards, guitars and mix. Although they are designed to be used on bus channels, you can use them on individual tracks. Controls are kept to a minimum and the UI looks great. Each plugin features a couple of sliders to control the compression level and overall output along with a mix control, plus some extra controls which are specific to each plugin.

In use, it’s simply a case of adding whichever plugin is most suitable to your track, adjusting the sliders until the compression and output level sounds good and then having a little play with the extra features until you’re happy. It really couldn’t be easier. Each bus glue is designed to work on different instruments in different ways with the right kind of dynamic control and frequency balance going on behind the scenes. Again, simplicity is the whole design philosophy here.

The extra controls are a nice touch. On the guitar bus glue we have a Chug Slayer which controls the low end of chunky rhythm guitars and helps them to sit better in a mix. The bass glue is designed to be used with a DI track and is made to give you a finished tone with one single plugin. The built-in distortions give you different options for metal and rock tones.

Joey Sturgis Tones Bus Glue Joel Wanasek

In Use

I’ve been used these plugins on some of my latest demo tracks and they really do make it quick and easy to get a better overall sound. I tried them on some old demos and the results were clearer and more consistent sounding than the original tracks. The guitar and bass plugins are definitely my favourites in this collection. The bass glue didn’t always give me the overall tone I wanted but when combined with my regular tone it certainly gave an improvement. And on a number of occasions, it has been the only plugin I needed on the bass track. The guitar glue is great for rhythm tracks because of the way it controls the frequencies and helps the tracks to sit in a mix. The result is a bigger sound without the guitars pushing other instruments out of the way. The mix glue also does a fine job of bringing a complete track together and enhancing the overall sound.


The Joey Sturgis Tones Bus Glue Joel Wanasek collection is the perfect set of bus glue compressors if you want a simple way to improve your mixes. Each one is incredibly easy to use and the results speak for themselves. Trying to describe the sound of compressors is difficult so I’ll just say they make everything sound better. In my opinion, if you can slide a couple of controls and gain a better sound in a few seconds then you’d be crazy not to use them.

Rating 9.5/10

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The Joey Sturgis Tones Bus Glue Joel Wanasek Collection is available from Joey Sturgis Tones for $199. Please visit for more information and to purchase yours.

JST Bus Glue Joel Wanasek