JST Toneforge Menace Review

JST Toneforge Menace Review

The JST Toneforge Menace might a few years old but does that mean it can’t keep up with newer guitar plugins? Let’s find out.

Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Menace

The Menace is a pretty simple plugin. The signal path is made up of an overdrive pedal, the Menace amplifier, cabinet, Joey Sturgis Magic, EQ, and limiter. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The green overdrive pedal will be instantly familiar. It’s basically a Tubescreamer style pedal which is perfect to tighten up the amp and add some extra gain if needed. The Menace amp looks like many heads and features gain, bass, middle, treble, presence and output controls. Super simple. You then get a single cabinet with a choice of 4 different mics and an IR loader. Magic enables Joey’s post-processing. this seems to be some kind of EQ to help the guitars sit better in the mix. It’s definitely best to leave this on. Instead of a basic EQ we then get a full parametric EQ. This is followed by a limiter to smooth out the signal.

On top of this, the main panel also features a gate, input and output controls plus a tuner.

JST Menace Review

In Use

The main aim of the Menace plugin is to make it as easy as possible to achieve a crushing metal tone. Thankfully, JST have achieved this. You have to really go out of your way to make it sound bad. Fire it up and you get a useable tone straight away. With very minimal tweaking I found the sounds I needed for the demo videos I’ve made to accompany the review. It’s so nice to use a plugin without having to spend a long time tweaking before you can actually start recording. The Menace is a vicious sounding amp which is equally at home in both standard and dropped tunings and, best of all, the tone sits in a mix very easily. Sure, the options are there to alter your tone more if you really feel like it but why mess with something that sounds so good?


This is one of those reviews where it’s difficult to say too much about the product. I found it’s basically plug in and go. If you want a tight and aggressive modern metal tone it’s there right from the start. Small tweaks take no time at all and if you want to change the tone more then all the options you could possibly need are included. If you want clean tones then look elsewhere. For metal, it’s a no brainer. Especially when it costs just $79.

Rating 9/10

Guitar Noodle Top Pick

The JST Toneforge Menace is currently available from Joey Sturgis tones for $79 – Please visit them HERE

JST Toneforge Menace Demo Videos

Gear Used
Guitars – Washburn PX Solar 17 ETC & Solar Guitars A1.6ET

Guitar Effects – JST Toneforge Menace

Bass – Yamaha TRB1005

Bass Effects – Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Plugin

Drums – Toontrack EZdrummer 2

Audio Interface – Apogee Jam 96k

Guitar Strings – D’Addario EXL140

JST Toneforge Menace