lube guitar nut

Lube Your Nuts!

Here’s a problem I see coming up time and time again. If your guitar is always going out of tune then it’s usually a simple fix.

Lube your nut!

The nut is without a doubt the number one cause of tuning issues and very often, it just takes a little lubrication to improve things.

Obviously, there can be other causes too but when it’s so simple and quick to lubricate the nut, it should always be your first step when trying to resolve a tuning problem.

If the strings are sticking in the nut they will often go sharp when you use your tremolo because they can’t return to pitch properly. Similarly, they can go flat when you bend a note because they get pulled through slightly and can’t go back through.

How To Lube Your Nut

The cheap way is to simply slacken the strings off one at a time and rub some pencil lead into the slots. The graphite dust is a great form of lubrication. You can also rub the strings with the pencil in the area which will run through the nut for a little extra slippery goodness.

Big Bends Nut Sauce

There are also products like [amazon_textlink asin=’B000SHQ1QC|B000SHQ1QC’ text=’Nut Sauce’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’uk125|us125′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=’9f8b7a9b-6a31-11e8-8cb9-6d4304f75268′] available which can be applied. Big Bends Nut Sauce is a thick grease so it sticks in the slot a little better than graphite. It’s also great for other areas like bridge saddles and tremolo pivot points which can also be the cause of tuning issues.

I’m not saying a well lubed guitar nut will definitely resolve your guitar’s tuning problems but it should definitely be the first area you check before looking at anything else.

I’ll go into the other possible causes and how to remedy them another time, but for now…..

Lube Your Nuts!