Musick Road Delrin Guitar Pick Set

Musick Road Delrin Guitar Pick Set Review

Musick Road might not be a name you are familiar with but they are slowly developing a well thought out range of guitar accessories with a good balance between value and quality. Up for review today is their variety pack of Delrin guitar picks.

What’s In The Box?

Open up the box and we find a Musick Road sticker, a handy pick guide, a small plastic screw-top pot keeping 15 guitar picks safe and some cork disks. It certainly makes a change to the plastic bag of picks I’d usually buy.

The picks range from 0.48mm right through to 1.20mm and there are 3 of each. This gives a good selection for various uses, ideal for a beginner who hasn’t found their favourite thickness yet or the seasoned pro who likes to switch picks depending on what they are playing. Personally, I would have liked the xHeavy picks to be slightly thicker than 1.20mm but for many people, this will be thick enough.

musick road guitar picks review

Delrin has been used by many different guitar pick manufacturers over the years. It has a bright, natural tone and is hard wearing so it’s the ideal material. Well, almost. One of the other benefits of Delrin is how smooth it is. This helps it to slide off the string quickly after impact. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, if your hands tend to sweat when you play it can also mean they are hard to hold on to. This is where the cork disks come in. Simply peel one off the plastic backing and you find out they are actually cork rings. Stick one to the back of a pick and suddenly slippy picks are no longer an issue. The combination of the material and the hole make for a comfortable playing experience without the pick moving around. These are actually the first Delrin picks I’ve been able to use for any length of time. I gave up on Delrin picks a long time ago for something more grippy. Now I can use them again thanks to this simple but clever idea.


I never thought a standard shaped set of guitar picks made from an industry standard material could surprise me. I was wrong. The set of picks themselves are a well thought out package, ideal for the new guitarist or the more experienced player. The plastic container might not stop you from losing the ones you’re using, but at least the ones you haven’t used yet are kept safe. It’s also a handy to way to keep your picks contained in a gigbag or case instead of them being loose. The big bonus for me though are the cork grips. It’s such a simple idea but they work brilliantly. For this reason alone I’d definitely choose to buy Musick Road’s Delrin picks instead of anyone else’s. They just need to add some slightly thicker ones to their range.

Rating 9/10

The Musick Road Delrin Guitar Pick Variety Pack is available from for $9.99

Musick Road Delrin Guitar Pick Set