Musick Road Mini Clip Tuner Review

Musick Road Mini Clip Tuner Review

I’ll be honest, clip-on guitar tuners didn’t really interest me for a long time. I thought they were gimmicks and I didn’t think they’d be very accurate. Then I was given one as a gift and it totally changed my mind. Now I have a few of them scattered around the house so I always have one to hand when I need to tune up.

When the Mini Clip Tuner arrived for me to review I thought it would be just like my others. Well, things have moved along pretty quickly with clip-on tuners. The screen is bigger and brighter than my others. The display layout is also far better so it is far easier to read. They have managed to do this but still keep the tuner very compact and lightweight. You don’t notice it at all when it’s clipped onto the headstock of your guitar. The clip itself lets you rotate the tuner to whichever angle you like so you can easily view the screen and it’s stiff enough to prevent it moving around when you don’t want it to.

Musick Road Mini Clip Tuner Review

In use, it’s very simple. There is a small button on the rear of the tuner to switch it on with and to toggle through the different modes. The available modes are guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and chromatic. Because I tend to tune down I always use chromatic. The tuner reacts very quickly when you pluck a string and, after comparing it to my standard plug-in tuners, it proved to be very accurate.

One thing clip-on tuners can struggle with is low tunings. I keep my 7 string guitar and 5 string bass tuned to A standard and my own clip-ons never work on the A strings. The Musick Road Mini Clip still struggled but it did actually manage to sense the notes correctly after a few attempts. I get the feeling it might just be a case of finding the sweet spot on the headstock to help it find those low notes each time. It’s definitely an improvement on my old clip-on tuners.


The Musick Road Mini Clip Tuner is ideal if you’re looking for a small, lightweight clip-on tuner. The screen is excellent and the tuner itself is very accurate. Priced at just $9.99, it’s the kind of accessory every guitarist should own. If you haven’t tried a clip-on tuner yet then do yourself a favour and buy one.

Rating 9/10

The Musick Road Mini Clip Tuner is available from for $9.99

Musick Road Mini Clip Tuner