Neural DSP Archetype Plini Review

Neural DSP Archetype Plini Review

Hot on the heels of the hugely successful Nameless and NTS Suites comes the latest product from Neural DSP, Archetype: Plini. This collection of amps and effects was built from the ground up to meet Plini’s tone needs. Can it match the high standards of the previous Neural DSP products? Let’s find out.

Neural DSP Archetype: Plini

If you’ve used any of the previous Neural DSP plugins you’ll feel right at home when you load up the Plini. They have changed the background to white but everything else is familiar. This is good to see because the workflow works well.

First up, we have the Compressor and Overdrive pedals. The Compressor is a virtual-analogue model of a widely used bus compressor and the Overdrive brings extra flexibility to the entire rig by allowing dirty up any of the amps to fill any gaps between them.

Next, we have the amp section. Unlike the Nameless and NTS, this isn’t just one amp. Instead, we have three different amps to choose from. It’s not a case of more quantity and less quality. They have been created so well that they could have easily been released as different products without anyone feeling short-changed. The Clean, Crunch and Lead amps cover a huge amount of sonic ground and tonally they fit together perfectly.

Neural DSP Archetype Plini

The amp section is followed by a 9-band graphic equalizer. I always like to see an EQ like this in a plugin because it lets you fine-tune your tone. This EQ is simple to use and works perfectly.

The cabinet section sees Neural DSP join forces with ML Sound Lab once more. With their combined knowledge they really know how to make an easy to use and great sounding cabinet simulator. As with the previous Neural DSP Plugins, we get a choice of dual microphones with full control over levels and placement along with an IR loader.

Last up are the Delay and Reverb pedals. These are probably the only thing I thought the other Neural DSP products could have benefitted from. For leads of creating beautiful clean tones, I think delay and reverb are vital. And being created for Plini, I don’t think they could have released this plugin without them.

Archetype Plini Review

In Use

All of these features would be useless if they didn’t sound great but thankfully the tones on offer more than match the previous Neural DSP releases. From pristine clean to heavy distortion, this plugin has it all. The best way to describe the overall tone is warm and organic. The Nameless is probably the ultimate amp plugin for pure brutality. The NTS is the perfect all-round metal plugin. With the Archetype Plini we get something totally different.

If you’ve ever listened to Plini you’ll know what to expect. Cleans range from crystalline to jazzy with ease. Add some delay and reverb for some stunning ambient tones. I could lose myself for hours with this amp. Switch to the Crunch and you’re greeted with gorgeous overdrive tones. Equally at home for rhythm or lead playing, this is an incredibly responsive amp. Organic is the best way to describe it. It’s warm, rich and sounds like an expensive boutique amp. To be able to get these kinds of tones from a plugin would have been unthinkable in the not too distant past. Lead ups the gain but still retains the natural feel and overall tonal qualities. Liquid lead lines flow with ease and the responsiveness to the way you play really helps to convey emotion through your playing. Although it’s possible to dial in pretty aggressive sounds, they aren’t the same kinds of tones you’ll get with the likes of the Nameless. And they aren’t supposed to be. This is a different animal.

The range of sounds within this plugin is incredible. And best of all, they all flow into each other perfectly. You can get all of the different sounds you’d need for a track and know they’ll fit with each other perfectly. Continuity is a big thing with this package. All of the effects and amps compliment each other well. The rich and organic amp tones are mimicked within the effects. Some packages use emulations of popular effects and although they can sound good, they don’t always fit together as well as they could. Here, you feel like each component has been designed to work with the next. This is the big benefit of building a package from scratch.


I really shouldn’t be surprised by Neural DSP anymore but they always seem to over-deliver. Together with Plini, they have created an unbelievable plugin. The biggest compliment I can give it is to say I didn’t want to write this review. I just wanted to play. I’ve tried the majority of the top plugins and the Archetype: Plini sits at the top of the pile. The warmth, responsiveness and just the overall quality are like nothing else I’ve used.

Rating – 10/10

Guitar Noodle Top Pick

The Neural DSP Archetype: Plini is currently available from Neural DSP for €119 – Please visit them HERE

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Neural DSP Archetype Plini