Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Review

Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Plugin Review

It seems Darkglass products are appearing in more bass rigs every day so it’s no surprise that Neural DSP chose to recreate two of the most popular Darkglass pedals in digital form. The B7K Ultra and Vintage Ultra are closely related but have very different tones so they seem to be the ideal duo to package together as a plugin.

The Only Bass Plugin You Need?

I’ll cut to the chase, I am a huge fan of this plugin. I was struggling to get the bass tone I needed for a demo track I was recording with my regular bass rig so I downloaded the Darkglass Ultra plugin. Within a few minutes of installing the plugin, I had the sound I wanted and the track was complete. It really was that easy to dial in the tone I wanted.

That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of options available. Tone controls consist of bass, low mids, high mids and treble. The low and high mids also have switches to control their frequencies, ideal for dialling in the perfect EQ settings. Just using these 4 knobs and switches allows you to drastically change your bass tone so a whole range of clean sounds are available.

Engage the drive switch and two distinct overdrive sections make an appearance. This is where you can hear the difference between the B7K and Vintage pedals. The B7K is a very clean and modern sounding overdrive while the Vintage is much more fuzzy and full bodied. The Attack and Grunt switches control how much low and high end get distorted so you can really dial in the precise driven sound you want when combined with the tone controls. The blend control is another nice feature. It allows you to control the mix between the clean signal and distorted signal, perfect for retaining a solid clean foundation whilst adding some drive to help cut through a mix.

Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Review

And We’re Not Done Yet

As if this wasn’t enough, Neural DSP have also included a cabinet section, complete with a range of dual mic options which moved around the speakers, IR loaders and various controls to dial in your sound even more. This was all added in a recent update and really completes the plugin.


As you can probably tell, I love this plugin. The amount of tonal tweaking available is pretty incredible and most importantly, the sound quality is excellent. The fact that they’ve managed to pack two very popular Darkglass pedals with a great sounding cabinet section and made it all so intuitive to use is a credit to Neural DSP. Having all of this available at just €99 makes it even better. They could have easily made a separate plugin for each pedal but having them both in one plugin makes it incredible value for money. If you want to take your recorded bass tones to the next level then this is the plugin for you.

Rating 10/10

Guitar Noodle Top Pick

The Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Plugin is available from for €99
A demo version is also available to try before you buy.

Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Plugin Demo Video

Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra