Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite Review

The Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Suite took the guitar plugin world by storm earlier this year. It’s uncompromising brutality and the sheer quality of the sounds available were a step above pretty much every other metal guitar plugin. How can you follow up a product like that?

With the Fortin NTS Suite

Anyone who tried the Nameless will feel right at home when they fire up the NTS. The basic look and layout are the same on both plugins. The Grind pedal now has a couple of friends. The Zuul and Hexdrive. The Zuul replaces the built-in noise gate from the Nameless and is based on the Fortin Zuul pedal. It’s easy to use thanks to the single knob and works perfectly. The Hexdrive is based on an unreleased Fortin pedal and brings a more traditional drive pedal to the mix. It’s nice to have a different option to the Grind pedal. The Grind is undoubtedly a great boost pedal but it has a sound of its own and sometimes the warmer sounding Hexdrive is a better choice.

It’s nice to see the effects section has been expanded with this suite. They are well-chosen effects and really help you to dial in your tone quickly and easily.

Neural DSP Fortin NTS Effects

Just like the Nameless, the NTS has a killer cabinet section. There are options for different mics, mic placement, panning and more. And of course, you can have all of this in stereo. I really liked how the cabinet section worked in the Fortin Nameless Suite so I’m glad they’ve chosen the same formula for the NTS.

Neural DSP Fortin NTS

The NTS Amp

The star of the show is naturally the amp section. The big difference between the NTS and the Nameless is the clean channel. The Nameless was a snarling beast of an amp but I know many wished there was an option for cleans. The NTS delivers this with a beautiful sounding clean channel. The tones are crisp, clear and very full sounding. There is also a bright switch to add some extra sparkle. This is the clean channel everyone was looking for from Neural DSP. It sounds great in a mix and reacts nicely to the way you play.

Let’s be honest, as good as the cleans are, anyone thinking of buying this plugin wants to know about the distorted tones. The Lead channel doesn’t disappoint. It has a different character to the Nameless but it’s still more than capable of the same levels of brutality, especially when you add in the Hexdrive or Grind pedal. I’d also say it’s more versatile because it sounds great when you lower the gain from full-on metal to rock style distortion. It can be a more gentle beast than the Nameless was but turn up the gain and it roars.

Neural DSP Fortin NTS Cabinet

Once again, Neural DSP have managed to capture the ‘amp in a room’ feel. This is something some plugins lack but Neural DSP seems to have nailed the process of not just capturing the sound of an amp but the feel of playing through it too. You really forget you are using a plugin because it reacts so well to the way you play. They also manage to add a little something extra into the sound which takes their amp plugins to another level. I couldn’t put it into words when I reviewed the Nameless and I still can’t with the NTS. There is just something special which gives the sound some extra depth and realism.

Chugging rhythm parts sound big and fat and lead tones really sing. I thought the Nameless was the perfect plugin for modern metal guitar but the NTS certainly provides another option if you are looking for a slightly different character. I’d say it’s slightly more organic sounding which could make it a better choice for some.


Neural DSP and Fortin Amplification have combined once more and delivered a guitar plugin which not only sounds as good as the Nameless Suite but also adds some extra versatility. It’s hard to say it’s better because they each have a different character. The clean channel will be a very welcome addition for many and could certainly sway more people towards the NTS. One thing is for sure, the NTS is a very worthy addition to Neural DPS’s product line and delivers the same high-quality tones that won the hearts of so many metal guitarists when the Nameless Suite was released.

Rating 9.5/10

Guitar Noodle Top Pick

The Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite is currently available from Neural DSP for €99 – Please visit them HERE


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Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Suite Demo Videos

Gear Used
Guitars – Washburn PX Solar 17 ETC & Solar Guitars A1.6ET

Guitar Effects – Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite

Bass – Yamaha TRB1005

Bass Effects – Neural DSP B7K Ultra Plugin

Drums – Toontrack EZdrummer 2

Audio Interface – Apogee Jam 96k

Guitar Strings – D’Addario EXL140

Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite