Neural DSP Parallax

Neural Dsp Releases Multiband Distortion Bass Plugin: Parallax

Designed by founder Douglass Castro (Darkglass Electronics) and co-founder Francisco Cresp, Parallax encompasses over a decade of experience engineering some of the most devastating bass distortions on the planet. Parallax provides everything you need to design the ultimate bass tone.

“Parallel bass processing has been used for decades. Dual rigs or multiple plugins would be configured to distort treble for clarity and aggression, and compress lows for a massive foundation. With Parallax we have brought all of these configuration options into an easy to use solution, allowing users to produce fantastic tones much faster than is possible with multiple plugins or analog gear.”

Neural DSP Parallax

“We process the Mid and Treble bands separately using our proprietary tube modeling technology for rich harmonics, and natural response. The High Drive knob interacts with the High Pass Filter Frequency control allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of fuzz or tightness. The Mid Drive knob distorts a portion of the spectrum that’s been set to add a throatier color and enhanced note articulation. Finally, having dedicated processing for the Low end of the spectrum while precisely controlling it using our Bus compressor algorithm offers a seemingly infinite amount of size on tap.”

“We have also worked alongside a number of iconic bassists and producers to offer over 100 presets to give users world-class bass tones in seconds”

For more information about the Neural DSP Parallax and to download a 14-day trial, go to