New Product – Ovalpik

It’s amazing how many new ideas are still being thought of to improve the humble guitar pick. The Ovalpik is a new guitar pick design with a unique oval shape which gives the guitarist options to play either holding the pick lengthwise so more of its surface contacts the strings, ideal for strumming, or by holding it widthwise so that a more traditional pick surface can be used, as in lead or bass playing.

They’re made from nylon and have one rough side for extra grip and one smooth side. The middle is also perforated so there is no danger of these picks slipping in your fingers.

They measure 4.5cm long x 3cm wide and are available in three different thicknesses:
Black – 1mm thick (best for strumming)
Blue – 1.5mm thick (great for lead)
Red – 2mm thick (designed for bass)
Picks are $1.09 each.

I’ve been testing the black 1mm thick Ovalpiks this week and they’re an interesting product. They are bigger than regular picks, but due to their shape, they feel comfortable to hold. Grip levels are excellent thanks to the texture and perforations. Due to the size and thickness, the 1mm picks do have a fair amount of flex so they are ideal for strumming chords with. Using them on their side, the picks seem to glide over the strings due to the large contact area. This makes playing pretty much effortless but still delivers a solid tone without a lot of pick noise. Flipping it around for some lead lines is easy, and although I’d still prefer more of a point, they do perform well this way. I think I could easily get used to the shape for lead playing if I used them long enough.

Visit http://ovalpik.com for more information and to order your Ovalpiks today.