Laura Mazon Franqui- Un Dia de Noviembre

New Single: Laura Mazon Franqui- Un Dia de Noviembre

Laura Mazon Franqui Delivers Retrospective & Melodic Classical Guitar Single ‘Un Dia de Noviembre’

Laura Mazon Franqui releases her newest soothing, emotional, and uplifting classical guitar single “Un Dia de Noviembre.” The Cuban native delivers a simple, yet message-heavy instrumental led by an emotion-drenched guitar progression. The release offers pure beauty that will mesmerize listeners from the press of play. With its high and low notes, the song will take listeners into an introspective musical journey. Through the difficult times the world is going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura Mazon Franqui’s “Un Dia de Noviembre” will bring comfort from a musical perspective. The song is elegantly arranged to put listeners in a state of trance. The track covers Leo Brouwer’s soundtrack for Humberto Solas’ film “Un Dia de Noviembre.” The film is one of Cuba’s most renowned cinematic pieces which is directed by one of the biggest Cuban filmmakers. For Laura Mazon Franqui, “Un Dia de Noviembre” is a piece that brings nostalgic memories as well as delivers a message of life, meaning, and connection. Make sure to check out the release, and add “Un Dia de Noviembre” to your playlists.

Laura Mazon Franqui- Un Dia de Noviembre

About Laura Mazon Franqui

Augustine Artist Laura Mazon is praised as “An accomplished guitarist of Hispanic Latino descent” (Digital Journal) and a performer who “plays the guitar with majesty and sensitivity to color and nuance” (Adam Levin), Born in Cuba, Laura Mazon Franqui is a Hispanic Internationally awarded guitarist determined to explore the guitar possibilities into the contemporary context. As a performer, feminist, millennial, fashionista, trendsetter, rebel entertainer and performer, she seeks to break boundaries between the popular(electrical/acoustic) and the classical styles and to take the instrument to a higher level of reception to new audiences and generations. Innovation and Art integration are the words that drive her as a mission. Since age ten, Laura has been an active guitarist, participating numerous masterclasses with some of the biggest names in the guitar world, performing at hundreds of venues around the world in countries such as Cuba, Spain, Ecuador, and the United States and engaging in multiple recording collaborations for the music industry, as well as television and cinema and being part of numerous festivals and competitions. Innovation and Art integration are the words that drive her as a mission.