New Track “Changing Plans” From Rod Rodrigues Now Available

New Track “Changing Plans” From Rod Rodrigues Now Available

The crafty hands of guitar wizard Rod Rodrigues once again reward us with a new track, the progressive and modern-sounding “Changing Plans”.

Initially intended for his first EP, 2010’s “The First Step: Introduction”, “Changing Plans” was meant to have vocals, but through the years it evolved into a whole new song, now an instrumental. It’s another step of Rod Rodrigues’ lustrous career, and mixes influences from Nuno Bettencourt and Dream Theater. The song is also part of a compilation called “Volasophy”, a selection of tracks from latino artists sponsored by Vola Guitars, which was released by New World Records.

The Toronto-based guitarist borrowed elements of fusion, prog and jazz to compose this enticing new track. The cover art was created by Argentinian artist José Duacastella, and portrays the “change of plans” in life, and moving between countries, a journey that Rod carried out a few years ago when he moved from his homeland Brazil to Canada.

Rod Rodrigues continues to focus on the Progressive Melodic style, with melody taking center stage. Throughout the four minutes of “Chaning Plans” we hear a wide array of arpeggios, tasty leads, odd time signatures and complicated scales, but ultimately, the feeling transpired from the song is what matters most.

Accompanying Rod Rodrigues on “Changing Plans” are Rodrigo Abelha on drums, Heitor Tenório on bass and Orlan Chaves on keyboards. The guitars were recorded at Rod’s Home Studio in Toronto, Canada, and just like

“La Première Expérience”, the previous track he released, the song was mixed by Renato Osório in Brazil, and mastered by Tony Lindgren (James LaBrie, Marty Friedman, Opeth) at Fascination Street Studio, Sweden.

“Changing Plans” was released on June 11 2021.

The full band music video, and all the links to buy this song is available on Rod Rodrigues’ social media accounts and on his website, as shown below:


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