New Track: Trash Heads - Set It Right

New Track: Trash Heads – Set It Right

From the band: “The song was written around the main guitar riff which starts the song – we thought it had a Nirvana vibe to it and is quite dark so the lyrics and vocal melody reflected that. However the chorus that sprang out from there is very happy/positive, it became an anthem for looking forward to a bright future out of the darkness we currently find ourselves. It was written pre-Covid, but has definitely taken on new meaning since! We don’t like to write our songs/lyrics to be too on-the-nose so leave a lot to people’s imagination or interpretation.”

New Track: Trash Heads - Set It Right

Bio: “Lurking in the depths of Kent, Brit Alt-Rockers Trash Heads mix heavy crashing guitars & drums with strong vocal hooks. Formed in 2014, Trash Heads were created by 3 old school friends who went to the same school as Mick Jagger (not at the same time of course!), and joined by local scene drummer Mike Coyne, they released their debut album ‘Skyscraper Heartbreaker’ in 2015. After playing many shows around London and the South East the band has been writing and recording their sophomore album ‘Vandalism’ which after Covid-enforced delays is being released this autumn.”



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