Overloud TH3 Metal Review

Overloud TH3 Metal Review

Overloud’s TH3 plugin is a huge collection of guitar amps, cabs and effects. But what if you play metal and don’t need so many options? Well, that’s what the TH3 Metal collection is for.

Overloud TH3 Metal

The Metal pack includes 12 amps, 12 cabinets and 16 effects so there should be more than enough for any metalhead to come up with their ideal rig.

Instead of using different pages like many guitar plugins, TH3 uses the edges of the control panel for all of the various options and components and the middle is where you place whichever amps, cabs and effects you want to use. I found it a little awkward having to move around this central section to get to the part I wanted to edit and then zoom in to use the controls. It looks nice but I don’t think it’s as user-friendly as other plugins in this respect.

The range of sounds available is very broad. It’s obviously metal and rock based but there are options to cover many different genres within those worlds. It means there should be something here for pretty much everyone looking for heavy guitar sounds. With other products featuring amps and effects to cover every genre I usually find a handful I like and never really use anything else. I think it’d be the same situation with this collection. I instantly loved the Randall T2 models and the BurnSphere Clean. The Rock 900 is another amp I’d probably use from time to time and I’d use a few of the effects. The rest of the package doesn’t really work for the kind of sounds I use so I’d ignore those. I’d imagine most other people would do the same thing and find the components they like and stick with those. This is the nice thing about having such a wide range of metal-based options in one package. Everyone should be able to find their ideal tones within it.

The tones themselves are everything you’d expect them to be. The amps sound big and very natural. The cabinets feature different mic options and the mics can also be moved around so this gives you a huge amount of control over the sound. The effects sections includes far more options than most metal guitarists would need and they impress with the same high quality as the amps and cabs.


For metal guitarists who are looking for a range of amps and effects in one package, this is a difficult product to ignore. The range of metal tones available within the well-priced package gives it a pretty unique place within the market. Usually, you can either buy single amps or packages containing amps and effects covering every possible genre. It’s nice to see someone has put together a genre-specific collection such as this. Overall, I don’t think the tones are quite as good as the very top amp plugins available but they’re not too far behind and having such a range of tones available within the metal pack will certainly appeal to many guitarists.

Rating 8.5/10

The Overloud TH3 Metal package is available from https://overloud.com/products/th3-metal and currently costs €79. There is also a trial version available so you can try it out for free.

Overloud TH3 Metal Demo Video

Overloud TH3 Metal