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Solar Guitars A1.6ET WHM Review
Solar Guitars have been making a bit of a splash recently. The man behind them, Ola Englund, will be known
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How Many Guitars Do I Need?
How Many Guitars Do I Need?
It’s an age-old question. Is there such a thing as too many guitars? I’ll be honest, I find it a tough
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Gibson Guitars Fake News Quality Control
Do Gibson Really Make Bad Guitars?
Do Gibson Really Make Bad Guitars? It seems like a debate which has been going on for a long time
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how do I get my music on spotify and itunes
How Do I Get My Music On Spotify And iTunes?
You’ve just created an awesome new track or finished your album, now you want the world to hear it. But
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Improve your social life by learning to play the guitar
5 Ways Your Social Life Will Improve By Learning To Play The Guitar
Playing the guitar has huge social benefits. Don't believe me? Read on Jam Time If your social life is lacking
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Attack Of The Grey Lantern 4 CD Set
Album Review: Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern Reissue
In 1997, Mansun burst onto the scene with Attack of the Grey Lantern. Capturing the hearts of many who found
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Tremonti A Dying Machine
Album Review: Tremonti – A Dying Machine
It feels like Tremonti have been teasing us forever about the new album but A Dying Machine has finally arrived.
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lube guitar nut
Lube Your Nuts!
Here’s a problem I see coming up time and time again. If your guitar is always going out of tune
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Is it time to retire the valve amp
Is It Time To Retire The Valve Amp?
Valve amps have ruled the guitar world for so long, it seems impossible to imagine them not being the number
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Line 6 Helix LT
I Bought A Line 6 Helix LT- A Short Review
A few weeks ago a lovely new Line 6 Helix LT landed at Guitar Noodle HQ. A bit of background
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