Quick Questions With Attic Choir

Quick Questions With Attic Choir

Attic Choir are an Alt Rock band from Edinburgh consisting of Andrew Wright, Dillion Kennedy and Evan Hamilton.

Their debut EP ‘Internal Wound Management’ was released on 10th of June, 2019.
Streamable here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2qsKWnW4DwfW64I0zCY6RJ
Buyable here: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/internal-wound-management-ep/1464491837

Attic Choir Guitar Interview

Quick Questions

1. Who inspired you to start playing?

Andrew: I wanted to play guitar as far back as I can remember. Around the time I was starting primary school, pop bands like Busted and McFly were just starting and becoming a big deal. That was probably when I first became aware of the guitar as a child and was drawn to it. I wish it was a cooler answer. I remember getting introduced to Green Day shortly after and that really changing the game. That was probably my gateway to rock music. Of course, like everyone, I had the moment of watching Back to the Future and wanting to be Marty McFly — though I think I already played the guitar when I first saw that. Either way, Evan and I had to play ‘Johnny B. Goode’ at one point during our college course, so it all came full circle in a nice way.

Evan: My dad inspired me to pick up the guitar and be like him, the band that most inspired my early playing would be Radiohead; Collin Greenwood is a phenomenal bassist.

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?

Evan: In terms of bass playing; a tuner. Nothing worse than an out of tune bass!

Andrew: I’d be a bit lost without my Strat. It’d be like losing a limb. My tuner is also an absolute godsend.

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far?

Andrew: Really loved the new Twilight Sad record ‘It Won/t Be Like This All the Time.’

Evan: Offerings by Typhoon! Such a beautiful piece of art.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Evan: I want Andrew Groves of Arcane Roots to teach me modular synthesis, cause it scares me and he seems like a great teacher… For bass, I’d love to learn a thing or two from Jeremy Pritchard of Everything Everything.

Andrew: I feel like the people I’d want a lesson from most or the sort who wouldn’t be very up for giving lessons. For some reason Kurt Cobain sprung to mind, though. I’m not sure what he’d teach me, or what I’d want him to. Maybe we could just sit and chat.

5. What is your number one tip for any new player?

Evan: You don’t have to play what the kick drum is doing to be a good bassist.

Andrew: You don’t have to play super fast to be good, and you don’t have to play in drop Z to be heavy. Play what you want to play, enjoy yourself, and above all else, don’t be the guy who plays ‘Wonderwall’ at parties.


Website: https://atticchoir.com

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