Quick Questions With Dog Tired

Quick Questions With Dog Tired

Dog Tired are an Edinburgh based metal band, born in late 2004 from an unhealthy obsession for riffs.

Merging the relentless brutality of Gojira and Entombed with the riff orientated assault of Pantera and Metallica, Dog Tired have created a sound that is both heavy, memorable and their own.

2016 saw the band release their third full length album, ‘It Came From the Sun’. Recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh. Mastered by Adam Douche of West West Side, New York and illustrated by Metal Hammer artist ‘American Vendetta’ Christian Sloan Hall, the band have created a more than worthy follow up to 2013’s ‘Titan’. Both albums are available digitally from Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and the Google Play store as well as in physical format from Big Cartel and at live shows.

2018 saw DT tour Europe on the “Outpost 31” tour reaching the Netherlands and Ireland as well as all of the UK. Highlights being Thrashersaurus 2018, Uprising Fest, Bevvy Scotland and Bob Fest. With their highly anticipated new album coming in 2019 expect more touring and carnage from Dog Tired soon.

Some of DT’s touring highlights include sharing the stage with Skindred, Raging Speedhorn, Reign of Fury, Evil Scarecrow and Black Bomb A, as well as playing 2014’s Bloodstock Festival.

Quick Questions

1. Who inspired you to start playing? 

For me it was definitely Metallica at the start. From about the age of ten myself and Keef (drummer) had Justice, Puppets and the Black Album on heavy rotation. This developed into seeing the Pantera home videos and seeing Dimebag rip it up at Monsters in Moscow. I think I pretty much sold my soul to the riffs from then on. This opened up the world of Slayer, Strapping, Burn my eyes etc.
Although solos were cool and impressive to the young me, I was more drawn to folk like Hetfield and Dime keeping the rhythm and playing with the drums. The way they wrote songs and how intense it could be always appealed to me more than a blistering solo.

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without? 

The noise suppressor. Hands down. I feel they should come with every kid’s first electric guitar. They cut out all unnecessary feedback and generally make your riffs tighter without all the shit. I bought my younger brother in law one years back and he still swears by it.

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far? 

Empath by Devin Townsend. Although a massive Strapping fan the Devin Townsend Project never really clicked with me. This new album however absolutely took me by storm. Not just the fact it’s the heaviest music he has created in recent years, to me it is an absolute testament to what this guy is capable of musically. It literally sounds like travelling to different planets and dimensions. A classic. This was on repeat whilst recording the new album.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? 

3 people . Dimebag Darrell, Hetfield and Ronnie James Dio.
Dime would really be just to meet him and have a beer with the man. Also to figure out some of the mental parts of riffs that guitar tab never got right. There was definitely some magic trickery going on at some parts! Plus he seemed like such a stand up dude.

James Hetfield to really just jam riffs and see if the myths of his down stroking is true. Folk give him and the band a bad name now but the fact is his right arm was essential to metal.

I know this is a guitar interview but Dio was the total dude and an amazing singer. I love singing and a lesson from him would be cosmic. I can’t believe such a small dude had such a massive voice. I ended up naming my dog Ronnie James Dio James. Dio for short.

5. What is your number one tip for any new player? 

For a young kid I would say keep playing and stick with it. Even if you feel like you’ve hit a rut with your playing, keep going, learn new riffs. For me, learning never was a problem or boring because I thought if I could even make my guitar or riff sound remotely like Kerry King etc I was super stoked! It should never be a task, just have fun with it. Also, start writing your own stuff, thats where it gets really fun.
Last tip to all guitarists would be get a mate to play drums and start jamming. Even just covers at first, you will never look back.


Dog Tired are releasing their 4th album ‘The Electric Abyss’ on the 7th of September. For us, this is the most brutal, intricate and dynamic release we have ever created and we can’t wait to assault folks ears with it. For fans of relentless riffage and intense drumming. Our album launch is being held at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh. Come see us! If not the launch we hope to see you on the Electric Abyss tour in Scotland/ England/ Mainland Europe.


Facebook – www.facebook.com/dogtiredmetal

Website – http://www.dogtiredmetal.com