Quick Questions With Hooby And The Yabbit

Quick Questions With Hooby And The Yabbit

Hooby and the Yabbit from Wakefield UK playing Blues/Americana with attitude, politics, and sex. Think Canned Heat, ZZ Top, Creedence Clearwater Revival, George T. Thorogood with a classic British R n’ B vibe.

Hooby and the Yabbit also play originals and re-workings of classics by Led Zep, The Band, The Eagles, Delbert McClinton, and Chuck Berry.

Former front man of international Pink Floyd tribute band, Off The Wall, and respected side man multi-instrumentalist Ian Hawkins has performed with Limehouse Lizzy, New York guitar hero Adam Bomb, Jon Strong, Country Rock legend Stu Page, and Wakefield’s R ‘n’ B stalwarts The Deal.

Ian now brings us this new exciting project out of the studio as a classic British blues power trio looking to tour and do festivals 2019 and 2020 with a full album planned by the end of 2019.

Hooby And The Yabbit

Quick Questions

1. Who inspired you to start playing? 

I loved loads of different stuff as a kid and because you’re talking to one of rock n rolls’ senior citizens that means The Stranglers, ELO, The Police, Roxy Music, Status Quo and all sorts. But then John Lennon was killed and that showed me The Beatles and I became obsessed with them. Loved McCartney’s playing, and then I saw Motorhead live and the die was cast. Then I found Jaco Pastorius and Jimi Hendrix and the list goes on and on

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?

A really good pencil and some manuscript paper, or my Zoom HD4n, just them and my Les Paul Standard….and my coffee machine. This could take a while actually…my ears…

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far?

Haven’t had time to listen to one!

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Jackie Stewart. Read his book and you will understand. It’s all about how you approach your work and your learning. But also I am racing nut and I would give anything for 20 laps in a car with him.

5. What is your number one tip for any new player?

Work hard, learn your theory, listen to everything and everyone, then find your own way – this comes when you feel it rather than thinking about it.
Also Steve Vai’s 30 hour thing. You can find it on line. Don’t be put off by his ‘shredder ‘image. There is loads of good stuff here, both in terms of technical exercises that work really well but also a holistic approach to your instrument be it guitar or bass or acoustic that will help you enjoy yourself and express yourself creatively.