Quick Questions With Rex Briones

Quick Questions With Rex Briones

Born in the Philippines but now a long time resident of Atlanta, Georgia, Rex Briones is one of the hardest working and most enthusiastic musicians I know. Rex somehow juggles playing worship music in a megachurch with playing metal at every available moment. He often posts guitar cover videos on his YouTube channel but today he’s released a new single so it was the ideal time to ask him the Guitar Noodle Quick Questions.

Quick Questions With Rex Briones


Quick Questions

1. Who inspired you to start playing?

Metallica (Kirk and James) and Megadeth (Marty Friedman) inspired me to start playing. I started listening to them initially and ever since then, I have been hooked!

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?

Can’t live without my Line 6 Helix, Morley wah, my new REVV and My Solar Guitars.

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far?

I love IN FLAMES!!! The New album is insane! But I think the album I The Mask, The new Whitechapel and The master of the Universe by Ola Englund are all up there.

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

It would be no other than the legend, Marty Friedman!

5. What is your number one tip for any new player?

It’s rep·e·ti·tion and perseverance! Repetition can be considered the mother of practicing. Enjoy the process and reap the harvest!


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