Review - Dan's Guitar Store Precision Picks

Review – Dan’s Guitar Store Precision Picks

There has been a trend in recent years for handmade, thick guitar picks. I personally own a number of these picks myself so I can understand why. The thought that has gone into the designs always shines through and the increased thickness has a number of benefits. Add in the wide range of materials and there really is something for everyone.

The Precision Pick from Dan’s Guitar Store aims to bridge the gap between mass-produced and handmade picks.

The Precision Pick

Just to make it clear, these light blue picks aren’t handmade, they’re injection moulded. Where I see the link to handmade picks is you have one man’s vision in the design. Clearly inspired by current trends, the Precision Pick is 1.5mm thick and has sharply beveled edges so the picking edge has great precision and clarity. The extra mass doesn’t feel bulky in the hand but it makes for a more comfortable grip than thinner picks, aided by the multi-layered grip design. I tend to get a bit sweaty when I play but these picks are going nowhere. No slipping or rotating at all.

I found the combination of thickness and material (a unique polyamide blend) worked very well for riffing and lead playing. They’re rigid enough to handle aggressive chugging but have enough flex for accurate lead playing. This flex also means they’re very versatile and are equally at home when playing other styles of music or even strumming an acoustic. I’m someone who always switches picks depending on what I’m playing but I really didn’t feel the need to with the Precision Pick. Even when I needed to record some bass lines, it felt right at home.

Review - Dan's Guitar Store Precision Picks

As far as sound is concerned, I found it to be pretty neutral. It didn’t seem to colour the sound like some picks can. There was also a lack of chirping during quick lead playing, something certain materials can have a problem with. They simply provide a clean, clear and consistent string attack

I asked Dan what his aims were when designing The Precision Pick. He said “People have been making and improving pick-design for nearly 100 years now and doing it really well! I was acutely aware of this, so the Precision Pick had to be a next step in the evolution – the goal was to re-think what players need and make that widely accessible!”. I think he’s achieved his goal.


The Precision Pick seems to fill a hole in the market perfectly. It brings in some of the features of expensive, handmade picks but at a price comparable to mass-produced picks. At just £6.99 for a pack of ten, they seem like a bit of a bargain. I’ve been using the same one for a couple of weeks now and there’s very little sign of wear. The perfect blend of thickness, flexibility, and grip make a winning combination in my book.

Rating 9.5/10

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Dan's Guitar Store Precision Picks