Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review

Review – Tonor TC-777 USB Condenser Microphone

The Best Budget USB Mic?

The TC-777 is a small, low-cost USB mic produced by Tonor. They’re not a brand I was aware of but they seem to offer a range of well-priced products that could be perfect for those looking for good quality equipment on a budget.

The TC-777 at around £35, I was surprised by how nicely packed the mic was. First impressions count and you feel like you’re opening something far more expensive. The microphone is already fitted into a shock mount on a small stand and even includes a pop filter. Simply plug it into your computer, select it as your audio source (the well-written manual explains how to do this) and you’re ready to go!

Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review

Build Quality

The TC-777 is a stylish looking microphone, made from a rather nice shade of blue plastic. Yes, it’d be nice to have a metal body but let’s remember how much this mic costs and what it’s likely to be used for. It’s primarily aimed at people who need a mic on their desk for recording voice-overs, video calls, or live gaming streamers. For the price and with those intended uses in mind I think it’s perfectly acceptable to use plastic to keep the cost down.

Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review

The stand features plastic again along with metal legs. It’s very stable and the shock mount does a good job of isolating the mic from vibrations and rumbles. It’s nice to have a small pop shield included too. The USB lead is hardwired to the microphone and is a good length so it should easily be able to reach your USB sockets when you have it on your desk. Overall it’s a nice package and includes everything you need to get started.

Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review

In Use

Setup was easy so you’ll be able to start using it very quickly. I found that with the mic on my desk it provided a good sound level with minimal adjustment. It is a well-focused mic so it picked up my voice with very little background noise. Speaking of noise, I’ve owned lost cost USB mics in the past that had terrible amounts of hiss and buzzing, I was happy to find the Tonor TC-777 had none of these issues. It’s remarkably quiet and there is only some slight noise if you really turn the gain up in your recording settings. Sound quality is great for its intended use. I found my voice sounded very crisp and clear which is perfect for voice-overs or Skype calls. I even found it was good enough for recording demo vocals. It wouldn’t be my first choice as a music mic but if you have it on your desk already it’s nice to be able to use it to quickly capture ideas.

Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review


As a low-cost alternative to the likes of the Blue Snowball I think it’s a great choice. For the price, it’s well made, sounds good and includes everything you need so you don’t have to buy any accessories. Sound quality is impressive and it’s compact size means you can leave it permanently on your desk, ready for whenever you need it. The level of performance for the price makes it easy to recommend.

Rating – 9/10

The Tonor TC-777 is available from Amazon  and

Tonor TC-777