Revv G2 Overdrive

Revv Amplification goes for gold with Limited Edition G2 Overdrive

Everybody likes gold! Revv Amplification’s most recent pedal gets a 2020 update with the Limited Edition Revv G2 Gold. Based on the Green Channel from Revv’s boutique amplifiers, the G2 adds a 3-position “Drive” mode to revoice the pedal from clean tone shaping, to touch sensitive overdrive, to classic tube amp tones.

“The plan from the start with G-Series pedals was to recreate the tone of our amplifiers. The G2 was the final piece of that puzzle… but it turned into so much more! My goal was to make our most organic & inspiring pedal to date. That actually came pretty quickly – a great representation of our touch-sensitive crunchy green channel! However, I sent it to one of our Nashville artists. He had great feedback totally unrelated to our green channel. Rather, how to simply make the best pedal possible for this application with maximum versatility as an “amp in a box.” Then one of our employees said it would be cool if the G2 could be used as a boost as well… With these new goals in mind, the G2 quickly became an entirely new animal – capable of far more than just the amp channel itself.”

Revv G2 Overdrive Gold

The Limited Edition Revv G2 Gold features:
Pedal-Format Version of Green Channel 2 from Revv’s Generator-Series Amplifiers
3-Position Drive Switch for Different Bass Response, Saturation, & Gain Levels
3-Band EQ + Gain & Volume Controls
Carefully Voiced for Touch-Sensitivity & Cut in the Mix
Organic Feel & Tone with Bloom & Attack like a Tube Head
Versatile – Edge of Breakup or Warm Leads. Clean Enhancement or Solo Boosting.
Compact & Durable Single-Space Enclosure w/ Top-Mounted Jacks
Limited-Edition Gold Enclosure with Bright Blue LED
9v Center Negative Power
Works With – Heads, Combos, Pedalboard Rigs, Effects Loops, Cab Modeling

As demonstrated by Shawn Tubbs.

The Limited Edition Revv G2 Gold’s street price is $229 & it can be purchased through many fine dealers or directly at