The MOOER Audio GE250!

Say Hello to the Newest Member of the GE Family – The MOOER Audio GE250!

MOOER Audio introduces the perfect choice for those that need high-quality IR support, quality preamps/cab simulation and a full palette of effects, with a bit of TONE CAPTURE amp-sampling fun. The GE250 is fully redesigned with easy to read black text on an all-white body while sporting a fancy new expression pedal design for added durability. Functionality is also expanded for the professional guitarist as the GE250 comes with a host of I/O options as well as a footswitch setup similar to the GE300 for added customization and control.

On the amps and effects front, 70 high-quality MOOER amp models are included as are 32 IR-based factory speaker cab models designed to emulate the sound and feel of a real tube amplifier. The user-favorite support for third-party impulse response files has now been upgraded to support files of 2048 sampling points each, allowing for more options in the quest for the perfect tone.

Finally, the GE250 also includes standard features such as a built-in tuner, 60 brand-new drum tracks, 10 metronome options, 70-second capacity looper, auxiliary audio input as well as a programmable footswitch and of course pre-loaded presets for those that don’t want to build their own from scratch.

Contact your MOOER sales representative to order your GE250 and be sure to keep up with them @mooeraudio on all social media channels.