Solar Guitars S1.6FR Review

Solar Guitars S1.6FR Review

Can the Solar Guitars S1.6FR fulfil the needs of Floyd loving metal guitarists? Let’s take a closer look at this white beauty and find out.

Solar Guitars S1.6FR

The S1.6FR is a classic superstrat style guitar, featuring clean lines and a slick appearance. The black hardware provides visual contrast to the perfectly finished matte white paint and gives the guitar a modern look. The black binding on the square edges adds a touch of class and really compliments the shape of the guitar. Stylistically, this is every bit the modern metal machine you’d expect from a forward-looking brand like Solar Guitars. The body and neck are a classic combination of an alder body with a set-thru maple neck, topped with a maple fretboard and super jumbo frets.

Solar Guitars s1.6FR Review


What sets this guitar apart from most in Solar’s range is the Floyd Rose tremolo. In this case, we have a Floyd Rose 1000. The 1000 is the standard choice for pretty much every guitar in this price range and features an oversized brass block and hardened steel parts. It’s a good choice. The 1000 series has proven to be a reliable trem as long as it’s been set up correctly and should provide many years of service without an issue. This S1.6FR has managed to stay in tune no matter how aggressively I’ve pushed and pulled on the arm.

Pickups are the usual Duncan Solars fitted to most of the guitars Solar produce and the 5 way lever switch gives you access to a wide range of tones.

In Use

Thanks to its perfect setup, the S1.6FR is a joy to play. The slick body shape feels very comfortable and the well thought out neck joint means there is nothing to get in the way when you reach for the higher frets. Tuning problems aren’t an issue thanks to the Floyd Rose 1000. It’s one of those guitars that lets you get on with playing without really thinking about the guitar at all. Always a sign of a good design.

The Solar Duncan pickups offer a lower output than some metal focused pickups. Instead, they provide a greater range of dynamics and react very well to the way you play. They can chug and scream with the best of them but also sound great clean. The dynamics really come through when you pick harder or lighter to emphasise certain notes. They’re a very musical and well-balanced set of pickups, ready to faithfully translate the way you play instead of forcing their own sound on it. I’m hugely impressed by these pickups compared to other pickups fitted as standard by some manufacturers. I can’t imagine many people wanting to change them.

Solar Guitars s1.6 Review

The extra jumbo frets have been finished perfectly and feel great to play on. The neck itself is pretty slim but not taken to an extreme. There is enough meat there to feel comfortable but should be thin enough for anyone who likes super slim necks.

Taking a closer look at the guitar, there is nothing to faults to be found. Solar have set a high level with their quality control and it shows. The finish is perfect, the binding is well fitted and all parts work the way they are intended. All hardware choices have been made to offer the perfect blend of quality and value. You can tell it’s been put together by a guitarist rather than someone simply aiming to make sure it fits into a certain price point.


Solar Guitars are really shaking up the market for modern metal guitars. The S1.6FR offers a good alternative to many of the big brands. It’s been built to a high standard, but priced at €899, it offers great value for a pro level instrument. Quality control is high and the well thought out design means anyone who plays it can concentrate on the music rather than thinking about their guitar. The sharp looks complete a guitar which would be a great choice for any metal guitarist in need of a Floyd Rose equipped guitar.

Rating 10/10

Guitar Noodle Top Pick

The Solar Guitar A1.6ET is currently available from Thomann for €899. To buy yours, please visit them Here

Demo Video

The Solar Guitars S1.6FR can been seen in action 45 seconds into this video.

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