Solar Guitars Singlecut

Solar Guitars Singlecut And 8 String?

Fans of Solar Guitars have been crying out for a singlecut model plus 8 string options for a while now and it looks like Ola might be about to deliver.

Solar Guitars Singlecut

First there was a little sneak peak in Ola’s studio tour video, then a singlecut Solar was used for his demo of the ENGL Savage Mark 2 amp. This was followed by a number of photos from NAMM showing off 2 different singlecut Solars. Ola didn’t mention the guitar at all though until his weekly FAQ video where he showed it off and told us a little about the prototype.

In typical Solar fashion, it looks like there are some tweaks to the usual singlecut design we’re used to seeing. It looks like they’re sticking with their usual headstock design instead of the standard 3×3 design and there is an extra bump on the base of the body. It adds a nice little twist to a traditional shape.

A flame topped version which looks pretty stunning has also been spotted on Instagram.

Solar Guitars Singlecut

If that wasn’t enough, Ola also teased us with a badly lit shot of what appears to be an 8 string Solar. This model hasn’t been spotted anywhere else yet but you can clearly count 8 tuning pegs on the headstock. Hopefully, there will be an announcement about this model soon.

Solar Guitars 8 String

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