News: STL Tones To Release Angel Vivaldi Axe FX And Kemper Packs

Guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi and STL Tones have been busy working on new Kemper and Axe FX tone packs. They will be available to purchase on March 22 and will feature 25 signature tone presets.

Sonny Truelove, Founder and President of STL Tones

“We are excited to release this new Axe Fx & Kemper pack from Angel. His talent and commitment to his art has produced music that has inspired and thrilled fans around the world. We are looking forward to being able to share this incredible product through our Signature Series, to again build on what we believe are the most cutting edge products for musicians in the market today.,”


Angel Vivaldi adds

“After years of evolving my sound and having used some of the best high-gain amps to ever bless music, I’m truly excited to finally share a summary of where my tone journey has taken me with my new STL Tones Artist Bundle. I wanted this to be a go-to for all modern rock guitarists as the genre itself is constantly changing. This, if nothing else, is a spectacular way for you to start or continue your own tone journey.”

STL Tones Signature Series is a series of meticulously crafted Kemper & Axe FX Bundles featuring collaborations with Howard Benson, John Feldmann, David Bendeth, Will Putney, Don Korneff, Lee Malia of Bring Me The Horizon and many more.

Created with the state of the art outboard gear, microphones, pedals and mixing tools, The STL Tones Signature Series is designed to get you as close to the artist’s personal guitar tones as possible. Each bundle has been crafted with precision to capture the artist’s unique sound and production style, using many combinations of their gear.

For experienced and aspiring audio professionals alike, including guitarists, the STL Signature Series streamlines the mixing process, delivering high-quality results instantly.